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  • The 2019 St. Patrick’s Gift Pack

    March 4, 2019

    Sorry I’m getting this out to you guys so late! Some of you may know that I moved to my brand new house in February and I’m still playing catch up. The rental house has been cleaned out and all of my temporary, and when I say temporary I mean two years of construction/living out of a suitcase things, have finally been put away. I’m just starting to go through all my long term storage and I am now becoming reacquainted with all my beloved dishes and collectibles. There are so many lovely storage places in this house. I plan to take photographs and share them all with you as soon as I get settled and organized! Pinterest will go crazy about some of the cool spots in this home.

    Anyway, back to the point at hand. There isn’t much time to do a green and gold themed book gift pack but I thought I’d hurry up and organize one for you collectors out there anyway. I’ll try to do a springtime one soon too, keeping in mind tha the Spring Scavenger Hunt is coming soon as well. Don’t forget when you place your order to tell me the name you want in the book. Recreated and Tiger’s Destiny are both being offered in hardcover English but Tiger’s Dream is obviously still in paperback. Sorry guys. I’m going to be listing it at the same price though for a limited time even though it’s list price is higher so get this one signed and stamped while you can. Also if you’re in the DC area, or Seattle, I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con on March 16th. Come and see me on the panel called Twists and Turns in YA at 1:30-WSCC 603 and/or at my book signing at 2:45 WSCC Level 6 and then in DC I’ll be at Apollycon from March 21- 23 participating in multiple signings, parties, and all the mayhem.

    St. Patrick’s Prize Pack


    • CANDY

    NOTE:The tigers are not included. Those poor guys were in storage for soooo long. Pretty, aren’t they?

    COST: $50 plus shipping and handling.

    For those of you who wanted to get a Ren Valentine bookmark, I still have a few more. They are $10 plus shipping and handling. To Order the Ren Valentine Bookmark, click the BUY NOW button below.

    To Order the Ren Valentine Bookmark for $10 plus shipping and handling…

    To order the Tiger’s Destiny prize pack in the US…

    Name inside the book

    To order the Tiger’s Dream prize pack in the US…

    Name inside the book

    To order the Recreated prize pack in the US…

    Name inside the book

    To order the Tiger’s Destiny prize pack outside the US…

    Name inside the book

    If you live OUTSIDE the United States order using the buttons below.

    To order the Tiger’s Dream prize pack outside the US…

    Name inside the book

    To order the Recreated prize pack outside the US…

    Name inside the book

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    32 Responses to The 2019 St. Patrick’s Gift Pack

      • Ah the outside the US shipping price is currently $50 so the total for the gift pack and the shipping would be $100 US dollars. I wish it was less. I just shipped to Germany today and the shipping alone cost me over $70.

        • Dawn says:

          Thank you just wanted to make sure, that the PayPal price was with shipping that I didn’t have to add still

    1. Audrey says:

      I bought it this morning and i am so excited to receive it in a week and a half😍 thanks Colleen to do gift pack like that so we can have some tiger’s curse magic at home😍

    2. Kendra Waldriff says:

      Thank you so much for doing this once again Colleen! You have no idea how much this means to me! I just ordered the Recreated pack and just want to verify that the book is hardcover, as those are the ones I’m collecting! Thanks again so much, can’t wait!!!! Love Kendra 😁

    3. Audrey says:

      i thought i ordered the tigers destiny but finaly it was tigers dresm but i am so happy to have it😍😍 would it have another goft pack with the togers destiny book?

      • Audrey do you want me to figure out the cost of just sending a Tiger’s Destiny signed to you by itself? Not sure I can do media mail to Canada but I can try to find the cheapest shipping. My local mail guy is pretty nice about figuring things out for me. The hardback by itself is about $18 US but I can figure out postage to Canada if you like. Sorry about the mix up with Dream.

    4. Jasmine says:

      Hi! So I’m in the US and was wondering is the shipping cost here in the US the same as shipping outside the US? I was just curious because I didn’t have to pay $50 shipping on the last prize pack and didn’t know if that was a mistake or not

      • Hi Jasmine. It looks like the codes got mixed up with international and domestic. Check again. It should be fixed now. Better hurry if you want to order one of those. I’m taking it down today or tmw and those books won’t be available again until next year. I’m going to be setting up the spring Gift pack this week.

    5. Catherine Ferriss says:


      I’m just curious if you have release The Tigers Dream book yet?
      The reason I ask is because I’ve been looking at Barnes and Noble store but, I just don’t seem to find it at all. And by the way… I’m a absolute huge fan of you and your books. I’ve have collected all of your books so far and they are totally amazing and entertaining. I love all of your books.

    6. Téa Lynn says:

      Hey Colleen! I purchased Tigers destiny (USA) for $100 and Tigers Dream (USA) for $68. We’re those prices right for shipping within the usa? When I went to purchase Recreated (USA) it said it was sold out for Tigers Destiny, but it’s available outside the USA for $100. Was any of this an error. Still would like to purchase Recreated if it’s available. Also once I make all three purchases, I have the reunited, Recreated, and lanterns ember patches already.

      • Colleen houck says:

        Hi Tea, yes I have more Recreated. I will refund you the $100 and update PayPal. Then you can order it domestic. I will make note of the patches.

    7. Téa Lynn says:

      Sorry, I just went to order Recreated domestically it says Tigers Destiny is sold out. I did order Tigers Destiny domestically but it was $100, not $68 with shipping. I’m not sure if that book is available now either. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience. 😰😖💙

    8. laureen says:

      Is it possible to buy tigers curse 1-3-4 and the promise signed and in hardcover? if yes can you gibe me the price witj the shippong to quebec ?

      • Hi, Laureen, You can still get book four since I haven’t taken down the St. Patrick’s Day prize pack yet. With international shipping that one is $100. I don’t ship out books individually at this time, however, you can get bookplates for free if you write to me at and let me know your address and how many you need. I only do this for fans in the US who send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and the few international requests I get with the exception of Brazil. Sorry, Brazil! I was for a while until I started getting a thousand a month. It was too much. I still love you though!

    9. kristina shields says:

      Hello Colleen. I was wondering if I was able to still buy a prize pack? Also, if so, do they come in hardback or paperback and would I possibly be able to buy multiple signed books without the entire prize pack? Thank you for your time.

      • Hi Kristina, I am likely switching out to a spring prize pack today so hurry and get the order in asap. They are all hardbacks except for Tiger’s Dream which doesn’t come in hardback. At this time I don’t offer multiple signed book packs at a set price but if you order all three prize packs at the same time I do throw in some extra fun stuff and refund you shipping costs after I figure out how much it is in one box to try to save you some money. It’s hard to gauge the cost exactly since the books all weigh differently and it all depends on where you live so I just refund afterward.

    10. Natalie Arroyo says:

      Hi Colleen. I was wondering when I’ll have Ren’s bookmark to come in the mail. I placed an order for it on March 15th, but nothing so far. I still have the receipt for it 🙂 🙂

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