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  • June Contest of the Month

    June 6, 2016

    Summer is officially here and what better way to ward of boredom, escape the mundane and hot lazy afternoons than with an amazing page turner and a tall glass of lemonade.


    For those of you who are dying to get their hands on the next Colleen Houck book in her latest Egyptian series, here’s yet another chance! This contest is for a chance to win an ADVANCED READERS COPY of RECREATED, the sequel to REAWAKENED, and not just one book but THREE FREE BOOKS (two surprise fun reads).


    How do you enter?

    It’s simple, just take a selfie (or have a friend take your pic) of you reading any of Colleen Houck’s books and post it on Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #PictureYourselfReading and link it to Colleen Houck.

    Once you’ve taken your pic and posted it, leave a comment below describing your very own perfect reading setting (feel free to include favorite snacks/drinks).

    You can submit up to three entries (that’s three pics posted on either Twitter or Facebook AND at least one comment in comment section below).

    Ready, set, go!

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    24 Responses to June Contest of the Month

    1. Emma Scharf says:

      The Perfect Reading setting for me is laying down on my well maid bed on my stomach with my arms and book resting on a pillow, the best time is when its late at night and its extremely quiet, your just left to go off into the world of your book 🙂

    2. Bethany Grace says:

      My favorite place to read is a nice comfy couch or high up in a tree with nobody else around, and a glass of Arizona Iced Tea 🙂

    3. Stephanie says:

      My perfect reading setting is lying on plush carpet in front of a window emitting loads of natural sunlight.

    4. Erika Estrada says:

      My perfect reading setting for the winter season would be curled up in a ball on my recliner by my window while the sun is setting. In the summer I prefer to read outside under my favorite tree with plenty of popsicles.

    5. Ellie sonap says:

      My perfect reading spot is in my bed under the covers with a cool glass of eggnog, my cat, and no outside distractions 😉

    6. Renata França Feitosa says:

      My perfect reading setting is in my bed, listening music, with my little bird (who tries to eat the pages of my books :D) and eating mainly chocolate, but all goodies go well!!

    7. Addison S says:

      Honestly, I will read anywhere…ANYWHERE!!! My parents get mad but I love books too much. I don’t have a certain reading spot to get comfy in because as long as I have a good book propped up on my lap, I’m content and, well, comfy. I will read in bed, on couches, in the car and on the way to school, while brushing my teeth, while at the pool, getting dressed, or brushing my hair, and in the bathroom. Reading is way too fun for me to limit it to one spot.

    8. Halle Velasquez says:

      The perfect reading setting is late at night when everyone is asleep with a mug of coffee, wrapped up in my blanket.

    9. Kahleia Hawkins says:

      My perfect reading setting is in an armchair. I like to sit in it sideways, place my legs on the arm rest and read till I fall asleep. I can stay in that position forver, its`s so comfortable and relaxing and my favorite spot in the world. I also like to drink warm spiced tea and have my lovely doggy curled up asleep in front of the chair on a summer afternoon.

    10. Emmy says:

      My perfect reading setting is in my room at night, cozy in bed with only my christmas/fairy lights on, and with the view of my bookshelves in front of me 🙂 Usually I drink water but ideally I’d have a nice S’mores frappuccino and a huge slice of chocolate cake! 😀

    11. EmmaMae says:

      As long as I am on my bed I am comfy while I am reading. My parents get mad at me and threaten to take all my books away because I read so much. I love to read!

    12. Megan Mihalek says:

      I picture my perfect reading spot on my bed curled up with a mountain of pillows and occasionally a fuzzy blanket. Sometimes I keep tea or juice in my favorite owl mug to keep me when I get really into a book.

    13. Dominique Cobb says:

      My perfect reading spot (believe it or not) is the teen section at my local library! It’s nice and comfy with all these awesome books surrounding me 😊 I don’t actually eat or drink too much while reading! I posted my 3 entries on Twitter and tagged you Colleen and the hashtag 💗 My name on Twitter is @Minds15Criminal thanks for the giveaway!!

    14. Vanessa Gerrits says:

      My personal perfect reading spot is on the couch with daylight pouring in through the ceiling to floor windows (I love my windows!) and plenty of pillows around me to prop up my book, my arm, my face XD I keep a bottle of water around but no snacking for me! A purring tiger at my feet however would be lovely … (I’ve posted my picture on Twitter as @VleugelsTrilogy and I’ll try to post two more in the next couple of days ^^)

    15. Laura Haeck says:

      My favorite place to read can be everywhere, as long as I have my brown labrador with me! When I’m reading he lies on my lap (although he became tooooo big….). Often, I read to him (didn’t Kelsey do the same to Ren?)
      His soft fur (maybe as soft as a tiger-fur 😉 ) is like ten blankets all at once.
      I’m sure he would be very happy to hear I won a new book, a new one to read 🙂
      I’ll post my picture on Facebook, my name is Laura Haeck.

    16. Milena M says:

      When the weather is good I love reading outside, laying in the hammock. When it’s cold outside I love reading on the couch by the fire. Tea and chocolates go perfectly with a good book. Thank you for the giveaway, I posted my picture on Twitter @mi_mutter

    17. Allana Lopez says:

      I will read anywhere – even the shower (it’s perilous but achievable:)). However, my favorite place is under the many pillows and blankets on my bed (even if it is summer and 100 degrees outside). Rain is always the best time to read because you get the sound of the pattering in the background and an excuse to not leave the house and the amazing book in your hand. I love having a bag of m&ms or trail mix and water or hot chocolate while reading to keep me going. Books can leave you an emotional wreck so one must have sustenance:):)
      I posted my picture under @YAevrything 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway! <3

    18. Yasmin Martins says:

      I love to read at night in my bed. The hours seem to pass more slowly when they are all asleep and only I am there. Read listening to music, then! It is the best thing when you are reading, for example, a super fight scene, and a song with a strong beat starts playing. It happened to me several times, but the best was the song “Radioactive”, the band Imagine Dragons. It fits perfectly in the scene, my hands came trembling with excitement! I can not forget my kittens, they are the only acceptable companies (and my tiger plush)! At that moment, my miniature Ren is sleeping next to me, but in the days when he is not about to caresses, my teddy keep me company. Adding some cookies and peanut butter to munch… is my perfect setting for reading, hahaha!

      (I published three photos on my Twitter, @renismytiger)

      P.S: sorry for the Google translation!

    19. Natalie Arroyo says:

      personally, I’d love to read indoors, living room or bedroom, anywhere where I can be comfortable when there’s no one around to hear the characters’ voice in my head as if they’re right in front of me, as if they are real. When I’m reading a good book, I can’t eat because I’m so hooked on the story like it’s a drug to me and can’t stop reading until nightfall. I would also listen to instrumental music that fits the background of the books. Ever since I ordered the books online, I’ve been reading them with my stuffed tiger Kimba that I have treasured since Christmas 2004, telling him about Ren being a white tiger with deep cobalt blue eyes. 😀 this is the first time I participated in a contest, so it was fun and I’m in love with the series. can’t wait to re-read them again and get into the Egyptian mythology series. GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!

      i’ve uploaded mine on Twitter @Antonieta_Art

    20. Kylie Benavides says:

      My favorite reading setting is on my back porch in a rocking chair pointed to a giant corn field behind my house. It is absolutely quiet there except for the chirping of birds and the noise of animals which help add to the setting of the book. I also like to read in my bed-snuggled up under my covers where I can listen to the sound of my fish tanks. But no matter where I am, as long as the book I am reading is as compelling and exciting as ALL of yours, I will love the setting no matter what 🙂
      I don’t really like to eat and read at the same time because I am worried I am going to get the pages dirty but I like to drink lemon water. When I do eat, I always find it fun to make foods from the book-such as recreating the cookies Kelsey made for Ren haha. But as long as the book is good, nothing else in the world matters until I flip the next page.

      Thank you for doing the giveaway, I can’t wait to see who wins! Best of luck to everyone 🙂 I posted my three pictures at Kylie Benavides on Facebook. I created an account just to enter!

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