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  • Enter to Win Contest! Just in Time for Christmas!

    November 23, 2015

    It’s that wonderful time of year when our thoughts are turned to our blessings and our hearts turn to thankful giving. Thanksgiving is upon us and just around the corner is Christmas. Whether you celebrate these holidays or not, it is always a good time to be reminded of all the blessings we have and to give back to those we love and even those whom we may not even know.



    Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest

    man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.

    ~Edward Sandford Martin

    While we may get caught up in all the commercialism of the holidays with “all the presents, the ribbons, the wrappings, the tags. The tinsel, the trimmings, the trappings, and bags.”, we find moments amidst the hectic holidays to remember what this time of year is truly about.

    In the spirit of GIVING, we’d like to host a contest we think is perfect for this season. Announcing the contest of the month, 

    Ten Reasons I’m Thankful For My Best Friend!


    Here’s how the contest works:

    1- Write a letter to your best friend expressing why you’re thankful for them and present it to them at some point.

    2- In the comments below, write ten reasons you’re thankful for your friend (doesn’t need to be long, just one word for each reason works fine)

    3- Enter Rafflecopter Below.


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    That’s it! Just complete the three tasks above and you’ll be entered for a chance to WIN:


    The contest will run through December 15th, just in time for Christmas!

    Good luck everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

    ~Till next time,

    Linda Louise Lotti

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    33 Responses to Enter to Win Contest! Just in Time for Christmas!

    1. Trudy S. says:

      10 reasons I’m thankful for my BFF, in no particular order:
      1. She picks me up when I’m down
      2. I know I’m never alone
      3. I know I’m loved
      4. She’s always there when I need to talk no matter what time it is
      5. She accepts me just the way I am
      6. She knows how to make me laugh
      7. She lets me act silly, stupid or whatever I need at any given time
      8. No matter what I say or do she never looks down on me
      9. I know if I make a mistake she will always forgive me
      10. She will always be there for me no matter what

    2. Kaili Grotenhuis says:

      I’m thankful for my friend because…
      1: She understands my weirdness and trust me..I’m weird
      2: She will bake with me whenever
      3:She recommends book which I read
      4: She understands the excessive amount of reading I do
      5: She will let me wear sweatpants or pajamas when I go to her house
      6:She’ll listen to my rants and not judges me
      7: She won’t judge me EVER
      8: She appreciates my sarcasm
      9: She answers my sarcasm with sarcasm
      10: She’s always there for me no matter what happens

    3. Caitlyn says:

      10 reasons why I’m thankful for my friend
      1. She introduced me to Tigers Curse, the best book ever
      2.she’s always there for me
      3. A shoulder to cry on
      4. Help with bio home work
      5. Always has a good joke
      6. Understanding
      7. Puts up with me
      8. Nice and friendly to everyone
      9. Talking about books for hours
      10. Is the best friend i could ever ask for
      Those are just a few reasons that I’m thankful for my best friend

    4. Jessyka Lyn says:

      I am thankful to my best friend for these reasons:

      1. Loyal
      2. trustworthy
      3. She brings me up when I’m down
      4. Helpful
      5. Humorous
      6. Sarcastic in the best way
      7. Nice
      8. Looks to me when she needs advice (forgot the word😅)
      9.Gives me advice when I need it the most
      10. She always has my back

      I pray that nothing changes between us because our friendship is perfect and I don’t want that to change.

    5. Olivia Chambers says:

      Ten reasons why I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She encourages me.
      2. She doesn’t view herself as more important or less important than me. We are equals.
      3. I can talk about any chalenges I am going through and she won’t judge me. She listens and will give advice.
      4. She’s always happy to see me.
      5. We love sharing creative ideas with eachother.
      6. She inspires me to be a better person.
      7. She reminds me that I am loved.
      8. She is open with me and let’s me know when she needs help.
      9. She wants what’s best for me.
      10. She is loyal, even when it is hard for her to be.

      I truly love my best friend and I am so thankful for her! I made her a birthday card letting her know how thankful I am for her. She loved it! :)3.

    6. Joanne Lumiere says:

      Ten reasons I’m thankful for my friend Charlotte:
      1. When we were in Hangzhou, China together for a year, she was always by my side.
      2. Charlotte shares the same interests of anime in me.
      3. I thank Charlotte for sharing her worries and secrets with me.
      4. I thank Charlotte for listening to my worries and secrets.
      5. Charlotte always gets me foods and drinks.
      6. Charlotte laughs with me a lot.
      7. Charlotte withstands my temper a lot.
      8. Charlotte withstands me showing her Barbie videos or Kpop music videos.
      9. Charlotte is with me all the time at school.
      10. The last reason I’m thankful for, is for her caring about me, listening to me, and being my great friend.

      • Victoria Nacaite says:

        Tn reasons I’m thankful for my friend Sun:
        1.She always makes me happy
        2.I thank Sun for never leaving me in hard moments.
        3.I thank Sun for being my best friend.
        4.Sun always understands me.
        5.With Sun there isn’t a moment to not enjoy.
        6.I thank Sun that we don’t have any secrets with each other.
        7.I thank Sun for making my worst day to an awesome day!
        8.There are a lot of jokes that only we understand and only we laugh at them.
        9.Only with Sun I experienced my very BEST moments.
        10.I’m the most thankful for that I met Sun, because if I wouldn’t have met her, my life wouldn’t be that great.e

    7. Ruth G. says:

      Ten reasons I’m thankful for my best friend:

      1. She understands me.
      2. She cares for me.
      3. She comforts me.
      4. She helps me out when I need it.
      5. She sticks up for me.
      6. She fan girls with me.
      7. She withstands my neat freakness.
      8. She loves doing the things I love to do.
      9. She’s nice.
      10. She’s the best best friend ever.

    8. Marilla Marks says:

      Tens Reasons I’m thankful for my best friend:

      1. He’s honest with me
      2. He doesn’t judge me
      3. There is no awkwardness (except as he watches me write this comment :P)
      4. He lets me mother him
      5. He understands my unintelligible fangirling
      6. Comfortable silence
      7. He’s full of energy
      8. We randomly sing songs from musicals
      9. He’s the longest lasting friend I’ve ever had
      10. I can be honest with him

    9. Brooke H. says:

      10 reasons I’m thankful for my best friend:
      1. She doesn’t question my randomness.
      2. She understands me without me even saying anything.
      3. She makes me laugh and smile.
      4. She helps me when I have a problem.
      5. She helps me stand on my feet again after I fall down. (comforts me)
      6. She has my back without questioning.
      7. Loves the things I love.
      8. She never ditches me to go hang out with other people. (Even her boyfriend.)
      9. She doesn’t go talking about me behind my back.
      10. The words ” give up” are in neither of our dictionaries. 🙂
      My life is great because I have you as my best friend. You don’t lie to me to make me feel better. You never leave me in my hard moments. I am very thankful I have you as my best friend Makayla. 🙂

    10. Makayla Littles says:

      Ten reasons I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She is there for me even when I act like a complete jerk.
      2. She remember what I like and tries to get them for me
      3. She introduces new ideas and songs to me
      4. She is always ready to back me up when I’m in trouble.
      5. She listens to my constant guy trouble talk
      6. She doesn’t judges me when I tell her my faults.
      7. She treats me like a human being.
      8. She cares about my life especially when I couldn’t care less of it.
      9. She rarely asks much of me….even though she should. I mean come on dont let me ask away and spend All of your time!!!!!
      10. She was diligent in becoming my friend and wasn’t willing to give up until we were friends. Her persistence is why I’m thankful for her. She means so much to me!

    11. Christine A. says:

      (This is also posted on the Goodreads comments section, I wasn’t sure which one we were supposed to put it on).

      1. He and I share common interests
      2. He is always there to talk to me, no matter how early or late it is
      3. He keeps me company no matter how I am feeling
      4. We always have fun with what we are doing, even if it’s something as simple as going to the park
      5. He comes to visit me even though I live 2 hours away
      6. We both have similar personal life issues, so we are able to help the other out when they are having a tough time
      7. They inspire me to do good things with my life
      8. They make me excited for our future together
      9. He makes me a happier, less anxious person
      10. He appreciates my obsession with books!

    12. Nicole M says:

      10 Reasons I’m thankful for my best friend:
      1. Even though we don’t see each other much, I always know she’s there for me when I need her.
      2. She knows how to make me laugh when I’m sad.
      3. She gives great hugs.
      4. She pretends to be a cat with me (and is really good at purring).
      5. She accepts me as the insecure dork that I am.
      6. She cuddles with me.
      7. We can talk about all of the things that we would do to help people and then 5 minutes later be plotting an eradication of stupid people.
      8. She backs me up and makes me feel sane when I have no clue what’s going on anymore.
      9. She makes/gives me food.
      10. She cares about me and keeps me in mind, even though most people don’t.

    13. Sandra Li says:

      Ten reasons I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She’s there for me even when I mess up
      2. She’s always willing to listen and talk to me
      3. She likes to talk about books with me
      4. She understands me
      5. We can communicate without words – just a simple look
      6. She complains about classes with me
      7. We can still hold a hilarious conversation even after not talking for a while
      8. She can finish my sentences
      9. She lets me ransack her closet
      10. She’s honest with me

    14. Cally Rose says:

      Ten reasons I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She makes me laugh
      2. She’s someone to talk to when others won’t listen
      3. We like the same things, songs
      4. Our talks are sometimes the only light in the days
      5. She is someone to have Skype-overs with
      6. She keeps my secrets
      7. She’s honest with me
      8. We can laugh about something that’s not even funny together
      9. I’m always smiling after we talk or email
      10. And I’m very lucky that we’re best friends!

    15. Helen C. says:

      Ten reasons why I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She brings me up when I am down.
      2. She has never once given up on me.
      3. She loves me for who I am.
      4. She is always there for me when I need her.
      5. She is always patient and understanding.
      6. She stands up for me.
      7. She gives me the best advice.
      8. She inspires me and keeps me open-minded.
      9. She allows me to express my feelings.
      10. She spreads love and kindness to everyone.

    16. Mindy C. says:

      10 reasons I am thankful for my best friend:
      1. She allows me to be myself.
      2. She is the only one who understands me.
      3. She helps people who need it.
      4. She makes every situation fun-filled.
      5. She brings out the best in me.
      6. She knows how to cheer me up.
      7. She keeps all my secrets.
      8. She is loyal and comfortable to be around.
      9. She gives me the best advice.
      10. She is always honest with me.

    17. Debbie Davies says:

      10 Reasons I’m thankful for by best friend….
      1. She is honest with me.
      2. We know each other’s ‘stuff’ and it’s ok.
      3. We know we will be there for each other when it really matters.
      4. We don’t keep score with each other.
      5. She loves my kids and I love hers.
      6. We are different … and that keeps it interesting.
      7. We love to laugh … and we’re really good at it.
      8. She’s almost always up to Thai food for lunch. 🙂
      9. We disagree and are ok with it.
      10. Our husbands get along well – which makes for fun date nights!

    18. Kayla bedard says:

      1. She is always their for me through this and thin
      2. She makes me laugh when I’m down
      3. She introduces me to new amazing books
      4. I can tell her anything and not feel judged
      5. She listens to me rant
      6.we can honestly have heart to heart conversations
      7.we love the same things reading, drawing, and just hanging out with eachother
      8. She is the sister I never had
      9. We can be weird around each other
      10. She loves me for me and I love her for her we are best friends forever and nothing could come between us because we always find a way to work through it together. I am so thankful to have her she is a real friend. Not one of those fake ones.

    19. Melanie says:

      I’m grateful for my BFF because
      1. She listens to me talk about my struggles with my parent’s divorce
      2. She let’s me rant about stupid things.
      3. I can cry with her.
      4. Her family is like my second family
      5. She does stuff with me even if she doesn’t like it
      6. She’s like my sister.
      7. She has a big heart.
      8. She supports me when I need to make a tough decision.
      9. She deals with my crazy family
      10. She and I go on family trips with each other.

    20. Elianna Sonap says:

      1. She makes me smile
      2. She gives me a reason to be alive
      3. She lets me be myself
      4. She doesn’t judge me
      5. She worry’s about me when I don’t come to school
      6. She makes me laugh on the darkest days
      7. she listens to me
      8. she helps me with my homework
      9. she doesn’t complain when I constantly talk about my tigers and Doctor who
      10. She respects me

    21. Hannah Goddard says:

      Ten reasons to be grateful for my best friend
      One, she acts as the sun to my earth, she is the defining stability when I feel like my rotations will never halt. Two, my gratefulness exists because my best friend is the tender gardener of my self esteem, encouraging and willing me to bloom with love and attention. Three I am grateful for she is the smile amongst frowns, her attuned-ness to my mood is as true as the sun rising in the east. Four, I am grateful for her in helping me be able to help her, and teach me the ways of comforting and R&R. Five, Christa is the master of beauty and the lover of all (who don’t cross her). Six, I am grateful for my best friend because she has opened a door for me, in being able to share in my issues and help me dismiss them, she has helped me become…me! Seven, gratefulness can sometimes stem from the mother-hen-like nagging of my best friend, for it is all for the greater good (even if I cannot see it in my childish stubbornness). Eight, I am grateful for her, because if I did not have her, I would probably be in a much worse off place than I am now, toiling in my own self hatred and depression, yet instead happy and determined for the future. Nine, i am thankful for my best friend, for she has wiped many a tear away from my soggy cheek, and we have spent many nights driving too fast down a long stretch of highway late at night, and experiencing life, in a way I wouldn’t if not for her. Ten, lastly, I am thankful because I know that if I showed her this comment, she would start to cry, wrap me in a tiger hug, and immediately spew her own list from atop her head with fervor that matches mine twice fold. I am so, so thankful for my Christa.

    22. Mikayla Stettler says:

      10 Reasons to Express my Gratitude to my Best Friend

      1. Always knows what to say
      2. Even treats strangers like friends
      3. Acts weird with me
      4. Takes time to sincerely listen
      5. Motivates me to go further than I thought I could
      6. Laughs and cries with me
      7. Takes a leap of faith with me to try new things
      8. Tells me how it is for my own good, even if I don’t like it
      9. Sort out each other’s problems
      10. Most of all, she’s an amazing example in all she does

    23. Jerca B. says:

      She introduced Me to Tigers Curse, the best book ever
      She is Always there for me when I need her.
      She knows how to make me laugh when I’m sad
      She doesn’t go talking about me behind mY back.
      She loves doing the things I love to do.
      She helps me when I have a problem.
      She sticks up for me.
      I know I’m loved
      She’s Always happy to see me.
      She Is the best friend i could ever ask for.
      Maya, I love you like my sister.

    24. Hannah M says:

      1. She doesn’t judge me
      2. She doesn’t complain when I obsess over pointless things
      3. She knows all my secrets
      4. She is honest
      5. She knows how to make me laugh
      6. She let’s me be myself
      7. She understands me
      8. She cares about me
      9. She is someone I can trust
      10. She doesn’t complain about my endless rantings

    25. Sheridan Sharp says:

      My friend Kate P. is absolutely:
      1) hilarious
      2) selfless
      3) genius
      4) happy
      5) a Disney princess
      6) a fellow book worm
      7) a fashionista
      8) honest
      9) adventurous
      10) gorgeous!
      ….and I love her!

    26. Taylor Adams says:

      I am so thankful for my TWO best friends:
      1.) They are amazing person inside and out
      2.) They loves me for me
      3.) They will come over willingly at 12 o’clock at night just to comfort me in bad times
      4.) We are able to talk for hours without stopping, even if we haven’t seen eachother in weeks, months
      5.) They sticks up for me
      6.) They knows how to make me smile 🙂
      7.) They deals with my crazy family (and I mean CRAZYY)
      8.) They respects me, my values, and my love for tiger’s curse
      9.) I can trust them with my life
      10.) They are very Godly girls, and I’m glad they were put in my life
      LIliana and Ari, I’m so glad I have you <3

    27. Kim Sharp says:

      1. She gets my humor.
      2. She’s very giving.
      3. I know I matter to her.
      4. She’s always glad to see me.
      5. She’s hilarious.
      6. She serves me selflessly.
      7. She makes me happy.
      8. She’s so kind.
      9. She’s very creative!
      10. We are two peas in a crazy pod.

    28. Hailey Pearson says:

      1. She told me my nose was very pretty
      2. She listens to my rants with entire consideration
      3. She is endlessly forgiving to me
      4. She makes me treats
      5. She will speak strictly in book and movie quotes with me forever
      6. She watches weird shows with me and embraces my feels freak ours
      7. I can always trust her with anything
      8. She will always save the last of the chips for me
      9. We rely on eachother to parent the other
      10. We overcame our 3-4 year hatred for eachother and now have a 4-5 year friendship that will last forever bc she’s the flipping bomb diggity

    29. Carolina Noeggerath says:

      I couldn’t choose between the two, so I chose you.

      To my Ashley

      For when I am alone, you are my shadow.
      Thank you.

      When I need to cry, you are my shoulder.
      Thank you.

      When I need a hug, you are my pillow.
      Thank you.

      When I am happy, you are my smile.
      Thank you.

      When I need my friend, you are always there.
      Thank you.

      When everything feels as though everything is falling apart, you are the one to stitch it back together.
      Thank you.

      When I choose to start mayhem, you never let me do it alone.
      Thank you.

      When I need a nudge, kick, -even a push- you are always the one to do it.
      Thank you.

      When I need someone I can trust, you are the first on my mind.
      Thank you.

      When I need someone to accept me for who I am without a question, you are the one I go to see.
      Thank you.

      Even with the distance we make do, sometimes the summer stays feel incredibly overdue.
      Just know that I love you.

    30. Shahad Rawdhan says:

      Ten reasons why I am thankful for my best friend, Daniela:
      1) She is an individual who understand those around her and looks at others’ perspectives before jumping into any judgments.
      2) An artist that could build world based off of fantasy and reality and then make me fall in love with them, whether they are a written book or a piece of art.
      3) She helped me understand that each individual has a talent of their own and jealousy will lead to no where, so she taught me to appreciate the arts around me and see the beauty; she is still helping me process these ideas and messages that we come across each day.
      4) She understands cultural differences that we have and has a mutual respect for them and knows when a line has to be drawn. Yet we can have the most amazing conversations without a problem and we have opened doors of knowledge and understanding between us that I will forever be proud of.
      5) When she sees an opportunity to learn or become a better person, or just simply helping any other person, she jumps right to it without hesitating.
      6) She is the one that reassures me about my decisions and if I ever become too stressed she is there with the most amazing way to relieve, such as coloring, like I said, she is an art lover at its finest.
      7) An intelligent person who reads and researches for fun just to simply gain further knowledge. Reading books from every genre possible for the fun of it and fascination with the styles of many amazing authors.
      8) Easy to forgive anyone who wronged her, she also helps in counselings when I feel too emotional or angry in a given situation.
      9) We can talk about anything, from the deepest feeling we have to world problems and movements, to the plot of the Loony Tunes episode that we just watched.
      10) An amazing individual that I could never have a boring moment with, not without a smile; she never needs to cheer me up because as soon as I see her My problems seem to lessen. A cheerful person who helps friends and strangers alike, who could ask for a better companion in this journey?

      I will forever be grateful for my friend whom I got to share so many memories and time with. And here is the best part:

      We met through book and our love for writing and art and the first book I made her read was the Tiger’s Curse.

    31. Ana Barrios says:

      Ten Reasons Why I Am Thankful For My Best Friend:
      1. She loves books just like I do. We even met at a Barnes and Noble Booksellers store here in Miami! 😀
      2. She is an English major.
      3. She is a great person to talk to.
      3. She loves some of the same kinds of movies as I do.
      4. She loves to collect notebooks and journals.
      5. Sometimes, she is curious about new things she has not heard of.
      6. She is really nice. She even gave me a few gifts, even though I would not have minded if she couldn’t since it didn’t matter to me, for our friendship is the best gift. Although, she would do it as a kind gesture to show that she cared about me.
      7. She would let me know about cool books I should read as a way to become interested in them.
      8. She loves the art store, Blick Art Materials. She even loves the colored pencils the store sells of the brand Prismacolor.
      9. She is so funny. Whenever we talk on the phone, I would laugh so much when she tells me something funny.
      10. Finally! The most important reason why I am thankful for my friend: She is like the sister I’ve always wanted.
      I am not going to say what her name is because I want to surprise her with the letter when I show it to her on the website. Plus, if I win the prize, I really want to surprise her with both. Also, in case she checks out the site, I don’t want her to know yet that it’s me who wrote the comment. Anyway, thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this cool giveaway and I wish everyone the best. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all and to all best friends!!!!!!

    32. Katelyn Parke says:

      I am thankful for my BFF Sheridan S. because…
      1) She totally understands my hopeless book addiction
      2) She is dependable; she never leaves me hanging and always follows through
      3) She will quote and sing Disney with me all dang long
      4) She is an amazing example to me and I feel like a better person when I’m around her!
      5) She worries and stresses about things just as much as I do!
      6) She, without fail, laughs at all my dumb jokes(and I make a lot of dumb jokes haha)
      7) Her creativeness totally makes my day and I love it when she gives me a little piece of her art
      8) She’s a listener; I can tell her something very minor and 3 weeks later she’ll ask about it
      9) She is sincerely one of the nicest people! She doesn’t judge me or anyone else
      10) We can share our personal libraries with one another 🙂
      ….and I love her to pieces!

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