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  • Pick-A-Song for Reawakened

    May 8, 2015

    Did you know that we have playlists for every single book that Colleen has written? True story.

    With Reawakened hitting the shelves in August, we’ve got to share with you the playlist for Reawakened.

    Are you ready?!

    revised_REAWAKENED_10.31.14 - Copy - Copy


    Well, one thing we’d like to do before we share it with you all is to offer you a chance to have a song of YOUR CHOICE added in the playlist.

    Contest of the Month


    Leave a comment below with what song you think would fit Lily and Amon in Reawakened. You have until  May 28th to enter! We’ll announce in early June the winner.

    The prize is an advanced reading copy of Reawakened along with some really cool swag!


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    74 Responses to Pick-A-Song for Reawakened

    1. adreana says:

      The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

      About how love has its ups and downs but we can’t give up!

    2. Brenda Temple says:

      Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

      Although the song was originally written about his 4 year old son who passed away, this song could fit because of the theme of not belonging… heartache… death… absolute love…

      Thank you for your consideration

    3. Daniele Debacker says:

      Leo Von – Only U
      This song tells of a love so strong that it could never get away his 🙂

    4. Kaili G says:

      I don’t know why but i love this song and it’s just AWESOME at least to me 🙂

      Seasons of Love~ Rent (the movie)

    5. vikimarie says:

      ” We’ll be in the stars” Sabrina Carpenter, “Shut Up and Dance”Walk the Moon, “Sugar” Maroon 5, and ” Classic” MKTO:) I have not read the book, of course, butthese are the songs I imagine will describe their relationship 🙂

    6. vikimarie says:

      Sabrina Carpenter “We’ll be in the stars”, Walk the Moon” Shut up and Dance”,Maroon5″Sugar”, and MKTO ” Classic”. These are what I imagine Lily and Amons relationship to be like. I have not read the book, but I still imagine their relationship to be much like ren and kelseys , if not better.

    7. Alejandra P. Villa says:

      Stitches by Shawn Mendes

      Because not a whole lot of people know this song. But thinking back to the Tiger’s Curse…there was a lot of misunderstanding and hurt. Love is not perfect, but when you find it…well, treasure it dearly because not everyone finds what you have. If Reawakened promises to be as amazing as Tiger’s Curse, the this will be the song that I listen to as I explore its pages.

    8. Cali Marie says:

      Stars by Grace Potter And The Nocturnals would be one I would pick. <3
      Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read your new book. 🙂

    9. Kelly Dries says:

      Lorena McKennet’s Mystic’s Dream would tell a beautiful and haunting story of love and mystery.

    10. Jessica Ramirez says:

      like I’m Gonna Lose You- Meghan Trainor (feat. John Legend) or
      Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran

    11. Kaili G says:

      Fireflies~owl city
      Dark Horse~Katy Perry
      Thinking out loud~ Ed Sheeran
      Just the way you are~ Bruno Mars
      100 Years~ Five for fighting

      • Kaili G says:

        and more sorry it cut me off
        Can you feel the love tonight~Lion King
        All of me~John Legend
        Stay~Rihanna feat. , Mikky Ekko

        and just because i like them:
        Jar of hearts
        Defying Gravity

        • Kaili G says:

          sorry if this is a little to late but continuation 🙂


          and i don’t know why but i like:
          Pretty Hurts
          Heartbeat Song
          Shut Up and Dance

    12. Taylor W. says:

      “Look Through My Eyes”- Phil Collins- It is like a coming of age song that tells someone that there is more out there than what it seems, just look through my eyes to see it.
      “I do it for you”- Bryan Adams- Just because this song is so heartfelt and beautiful. Unconditional love at its best.
      “Taking Chances”- Celine Dion- Sometimes falling in love is all about taking the chance.

      I love your books, I can not wait to read your latest. I know I most likely will not get iced, but please look at these songs regardless.

    13. Samantha Rae says:

      Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine
      This song is absolutly stunning! With the haunting, yet uplifting sound of the harp combined Florence Welch’s wanderlust voice, it is easily one of my favorites.
      “I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map
      And I knew that somehow I could find my way back
      Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
      So I stayed in the darkness with you”
      ~Florence + The Machine: Cosmic Love

        • Samantha Rae says:

          She is such a talented artist! I love reading Mrs. Houck’s books while listening to Florence + The Machine. They just flow so wonderfully together!
          And thank you for liking the song!

      • Samantha Rae says:

        Sorry but I couldn’t resist also putting in another nomination…
        Bright by Echosmith
        I heard this song and I couldn’t help but feel unconditionally happy, and start dancing around. I feel this is an equally splendid choice in a song for Lily and Amon because it makes you feel optimistic for love!
        I just can’t wait for Reawakened to come out! And thank you so much Colleen for the opportunity!!!

    14. Brooke G. says:

      Ooh, how ’bout some indie, yeah?

      Expiry Date — Thomston
      Livewire — Oh Wonder
      James Dean & Audrey Hepburn (acoustic) — Sleeping With Sirens
      I Gave It All — Aquilo
      Portal — LIGHTS
      Sail Away — Blackbear
      Killing You — Broods
      Moondust (Stripped) — Jaymes Young

    15. Whitney Lauren H. says:

      Bleed – Hot Chelle Rae
      Hurricane – Honor Society
      Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
      Stay – Mayday Parade
      Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith *OR* Latch – Natalie Taylor
      Collide – Howie Day
      Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars
      Save You – The Moxy
      Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran
      Gravity – Sara Bareilles
      Explosions – Ellie Goulding
      So Contagious – Acceptance
      Cry – Kelly Clarkson

    16. Debi Tonks says:

      Several of my favorites that might fit:
      Fire N Gold – Bea Miller
      Geronimo – Sheppard
      Magnetic – Jessie J
      War Paint – Kelly Clarkson
      Trying Not to Love You – Nickelback
      Favorite Record – Fall Out Boy

      • Debi Tonks says:

        If I can only pick one it would be Fire N Gold – Bea Miller. It’s a new song that I just recently found and I think it’s great a great description for a relationship that it either just starting or has been going on for eons.

        If I can add more I would also add Fight Song – Rachel Platten. It’s a song about discovering who you are and fighting for it.

    17. Laura says:

      The Words By Christina Perri
      I love this song, not sure if it will actually fit, but I figured that it would be worth trying.

    18. Kate says:

      Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles obviously
      It’s the name of a chapter, I think it should be when they are in the egyptian club, when Lily goes into the bathroom and is making herself all cute for Amon,

      P.S. I read an ARC of reawakened, THE ENDING, I am dead. I NEEEEEED the next one,

    19. Veronica Mahoney says:

      Head is not my home – MS MR (it is filled with the passion and lust of a new relationship, yet can also be well fit for an action scene or a travelling scene, showing how their journey is bringing them closer together)

      Like Real People Do – Hozier (this song is hauntingly beautiful and is about wanting to both know / learn more about the other person within your relationship and wanting to be normal and have a real relationship)

      Autumn Tree – Milo Green (it feels very heartfelt and full of emotion, while also having a good amount of mystery and allure, since they don’t know a lot about each other)

      Drive Darling – Boy (it feels like the beginning of falling in love)

    20. Fasiha says:

      Hi Colleen <3 (You're Awesome)
      So there are actually 4 songs from which I couldn't really select one, so I'm posting all four of them. 😀

      1. Then I met you by Proclaimers
      2. Towards the Sun by Rihanna
      3. My sweet Prince by Placebo
      4. Sleeping Sun by Nightwish.

      I'm SO excited for this book that I'm almost wishing for August to come RIGHT NOW even if that means college starts <3 Can't wait.

      • Allana Lopez says:

        “When I look at You,” Miley Cyrus
        “All I want,” Kodaline
        “All About Us,” He is We
        “I Choose You,” Sara Bareilles
        “Beating Heart,” Ellie Goulding
        “Iris,” Goo Goo Dolls

        • Allana Lopez says:

          Ok one more lol. This one is so beautiful for Lily and Amon….
          “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” Meghan Trainor and John Legend

    21. Kelsey says:

      “Soulmate” -Natasha Bedingfield. This song has beautiful lyrics that go perfectly with Reawakened.

    22. Flora says:

      Dreams by Fleetwood Mac cover by Gabrielle Aplin and Bastille. A really beautiful song about knowing love when you have it, the kind that dreams are about and how you know it’s real when it’s gone.

    23. Kaye says:

      “Chasing the Sun” by The Wanted. It’s a good song for this book because, you know, Amon is the sun prince 😛

    24. Lizzie says:

      Anything Could Happen-Ellie Goulding
      Living Dead-Marina and the Diamonds
      Buy the Stars-Marina and the Diamonds

      Had to add some of my favorite singers!

    25. Taylor says:

      Rhythm Of Love~ Plain WHite T’s
      Just Fall~ Anthem Lights
      I Won’t Give Up~ Jason Mraz
      Shut Up and Dance~ Walk The Moon
      You and Me~ Lighthouse
      Love You Like The Movies~ Anthem Lights

      These are just a few of my suggestions I think would go GREAT for them! I love the bonus chapters and things you’ve written so far for Reawakened! I’m soo excited!

    26. Lissa says:

      “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri – because he’s been asleep for a thousand years 😉

      I absolutely adore your “Tiger’s Curse” trilogy and I cannot wait to read “Reawakened” (regardless if I win an ARC – though that would be amazing!)

    27. Natalie says:

      Fight Song by Rachel Platten because Lilliana, if she’s anything like Kelsey, will be a fighter.

      Love on Top by Beyonce because everyone needs a little Beyonce and Lily and Amon forever so…… 😀

    28. Laura Abreu says:

      When I read the Reawakened quotes I always remember the song “Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry”. This song has everything to do with Lily and Amon . From the little I’ve read, they have a strong connection , as if they were destined to be together and this song shows that connection this they one have with the other. ❤

    29. Kathy says:

      What if I by Meghan Trainor

      A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

      I can’t wait to read this and I am so excited to hear you will be at San Diego Comic Con!! I hope you will do book signings because I would love to meet you!

      Thanks for the giveaway =)

    30. Kaylin says:

      Sorry, phone cut me off. Anyway, I only read about Lily and Amon at the dance club and even though Lily didn’t understand what that feeling was she felt for Amon, she definitely felt something. I bet it felt like what the song is explaining in Magic”

    31. Helen Gomez says:

      I think these songs, would be good for the Reawakened playlist

      Two Young Hearts by Sabrina Carpenter
      Trainwreck by Demi Lovato
      Nobody does it like You by Selena Gomez
      Nothing feels like You by Little Mix

      Thank you!

      P.S. your books are AMAZING!! I love them, and I’m so excited to read Reawakened and the fifth Tiger Saga book!

    32. Laura Abreu says:

      Hi!!!!! I have more one suggestion: what do you think of “Always in my head by Coldplay”? It is the perfect song for someone in love! ❤

    33. Laura Abreu says:

      Hi again! 🙂 I have one more suggestion: “Johnnyswim – Take The World” will be a good song too!

    34. Emma G says:

      Gold Forever by The Wanted
      I don’t know there’s just something about this song and the theme of love in it that makes me think of Lily and Amun.
      Or God Only Knows by MKTO it’s also the theme of love and I don’t know how to describe it, it just seems to fit.

    35. Sarah Pitts says:

      “Rabbit Heart” by Florence + The Machine

      There were plenty of others I could think of, but this song was the first that came to mind. A song about becoming a “lion hearted girl”, not taking life for granted, and lovers making each other better.

      And in any case, it’s still a lovely song that’s a good listen 🙂 Have a pleasant day!

    36. Laura Taylor says:

      “Inside of Me” by 3 Doors Down
      Inside of me really Makes me think of Lily’s change as a person, and her growing courage to be herself and letting the person she could be bloom into someone better than the obedient Lily her parents wanted her to be.

      Thank you so much Colleen Houck, for writing Tiger’s Curse and Reawakened. I can’t express enough how growing with each of your characters on their journey has helped me on my own.

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