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  • Tiger’s Curse Movie Director Announced!

    November 4, 2014

    Hello Tiger Fans!


    There is some exciting breaking news about the TIGER’S CURSE movie that I’ve got to share. A director has been selected! I’m so excited about this! The news was sent out yesterday when an announcement was made at the AFM (the American Film Market) conference that’s been going on this week in Santa Monica, California.

    One of my film producers, Raphael Kryszek, with Ineffable Pictures, who’s been working on the film with me since 2010, shared the news with me a while back but now that it’s finally been made public, I can tell all of you.

    The director of the TIGER’S CURSE film is Shekhar Kapur, an Internationally acclaimed producer and filmmaker and Golden Globe winning director who has not only worked on a number of Indian films but also headed the film project, ELIZABETH. He also won a special award issued by the International Indian Film Academy in 2000 for Outstanding Indian Achievement in World Cinema.

    It’s a very big step forward getting a director and this one in particular. For me the most important aspect of a movie is balancing thrilling action scenes with character development and allowing time for the building of relationships. I also want TIGER’S CURSE to be a visually beautiful film and showcase the culture I tried to incorporate in the books. This is a man who gets costume, color, gorgeous settings, and, above all else, India. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Kapur on board.

    Here’s what Shekhar Kapur said about being chosen for the TIGER’S CURSE movie.


    Colleen Houck has created a brilliant story of a young girl’s journey through amazing adventures in the discovery of herself. Of who she really is. Yes there are tigers, amazing backdrops, heart stopping action and of course love. But at its center, is an enthralling exploration of a young American teenager’s heart. Her desires. Her fears. Her mission and how she wins. I am super excited to direct this film.”

    And, bonus, he looks like Mr. Kadam!

    In addition to this, it was announced that Shakhar Kapur will also be producing the movie along with Raphael Kryszek and Jesse Israel. And that Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel and Lotus’ D.J. Gugenheim and Ara Keshishian are going to be executive producing the film.



    Ineffable Pictures’ Raphael Kryszek said regarding the choice of director, “We are thrilled to pair Kapur’s creative talent with Houck’s epic adventure. This is the first film in a franchise certain to capture the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. Lotus shares in our vision and passion for TIGER’S CURSE and we are excited to make them part of the TIGER’S CURSE family.”

    And Bill Johnson from Lotus Entertainment said: “We think TIGER’S CURSE has the ability to really capture the imagination of a large, worldwide audience with its combination of fantasy, adventure and romance. We are excited to be a part of launching something special into the marketplace.”




    You can follow my movie producers and the director to get breaking news and updates at @ineffablepics@shekharkapur@LotusEntLA, Lotus Entertainment, Ineffable Pictures, Shekhar Kapur, & Ineffable Pictures Facebook. And, of course,  you can always follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up for my newsletter.

    If you’d like to read up on all the social media articles about the director, here are links to the sites I’ve found. If there are more I haven’t seen, let me know and I’ll add them here.














    Thanks everyone! Leave a comment to let me know what you all think! The next step is casting which is very exciting to think about. Who do you think would be the best actors and actresses for the characters in TIGER’S CURSE?

    Time to celebrate now. Love to you all,



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    349 Responses to Tiger’s Curse Movie Director Announced!

    1. Jen H. says:

      This is so exciting!!!

      I have to admit I had never heard of this director before this announcement, though I have heard of the film Elizabeth. I have never seen the film but I hear it is done very well.

      I absolutely love what Kapur said about directing the film. Yes, it’s a huge adventure. Yes, there are tigers. Yes, there is love, but at the heart of this book lies a story about a girl and the discovery of herself. I feel like he gets it.

      So far I have no complaints! Hopefully, things will continue to stay positive! I don’t even know where to begin with choosing actors/actresses…But I will say that I always favor acting ability over appearance.

      Can’t wait to see this unfold! 🙂

      • I agree. The acting is the most important. One thing I’ve noticed in watching Bollywood movies is that Indian actors seem to be more comfortable with showing vulnerability than American actors. I think that will serve whoever is cast as Ren well. He’s very tender-hearted. Of course, he’s also very good looking and formidable but he has a soft side too.

    2. Emilia (: says:

      I’m soooo excited for this! I hope that a great majority of the book is included in the movie and details aren’t skirted around too badly. Great books have had terrible movies made. I can’t wait to see which actors will be chosen! I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on here and on Facebook. Again, so excited! ♥

    3. Sarah says:

      This is so exciting!! I’ve been waiting for any updates on the movie since you first announced it a couple years ago. I cannot wait until we get news on the actors! This is a dream come true. Thank you Colleen for making a series that captured my heart and interests when I first picked up Tigers Curse those, (what seems like) many years ago to now when I’m overflowing with joy for this movie! I will definitely be celebrating!

    4. Kelsey says:

      When is it predicted to come out? Are there auditions? I am a huge fan of these books. I am so excited about this, my heart may explode.

    5. Emily M says:

      First and foremost, I’d like to say that I am sooooo super duper excited for the movie! I’m a HUGE fan of the Tiger’s Saga and can’t wait to see all my favorite characters on a screen! 🙂 Second, I just wanted to give a few of my persons of choice for my dream cast!
      Kelsey Hayes: Sarah Bolger; Emmy Rossum; or Emma Roberts
      Alagan Dhiren Rajaram: Ruslaan Mumtaz
      Sohan Kishan Rajaram: varun Dhawan
      Mr. Anik Kadam: David Strathairn
      Nilima: Freida Pinto
      Durga: Kareena Kapoor; or Deepika Padukone; or Anushka Sharma
      Lokesh: Shahrukh Khan
      Yesubai: Deepika Padukone
      So, that’s my dream cast! I can’t wait to see the movie!!! 😀

    6. Cherie A. says:

      Congratulations Colleen! That is so exciting!!! Im not sure who is more excited about this movie…me or my daughter! HA! Honestly, I hope that all of the actors in the film are unknowns. I hate using the familiar ones over and over again. I personally think my niece would be perfect for Kelsey. She is built pixie like but has a strong personality and just started acting about 4 or 5 years ago. Anyway, not that it has to be her…but fingers crossed they don’t use someone famous.

    7. Livlia says:

      So excited for the movie! Me and my friend have been so passionate for this series, and we love it so much. I hope the movie goes well.
      I think the director knows what he’s doing.

    8. Jenna D says:

      THIS feels like progress! I am thrilled to hear about the news and have a very good feeling for this choice in director. It makes me feel as though the appropriate care will be taken in ensuring that the story translates well on screen.

      Thank you for sharing this will your fans, Colleen! I think a re-read of the books is in order to celebrate!!

      • Brooke says:

        To be honest, you probably aren’t. Personally, I’m a bit worried that they will leave out really really important details, mainly because the books have so much to them, that they won’t have enough time. Also the physical attributes. Not that they matter as much as the acting, but because Colleen makes it clear about eye and hair color, that if they don’t have gold contacts for Kishan, it will probably not be as relatable with the readers.

    9. Nikol says:

      I am super excited for this. Please don’t let them butcher your books like Eragon was butchered! ( I know they are different people, but still love it when the book and the movie match up better). I will be keeping my eyes open for other announcements! Use fresh new actors that are age appropriate for Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan. A 20 year old should not play a 17 year old. I got my family hooked on this series after I read them first and fell in love with the characters and the backgrounds. Your writing is amazing!

    10. Brooke says:

      Tiger’s Curse changed my life in ways that I could never imagine, and it overall just inspired me to be myself and do what I want to do. This movie will for sure capture everyone’s hearts and minds and make then fall in love with all of the characters. Thank you Colleen. 🙂

    11. Kelsi Houchin says:

      I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Actually, a friend and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see what the boys would look like and Kelsey.

    12. isabella says:

      Love u colleen, u changed my life with this book, i’m so excited and so proud of u, i can’t wait for the movie,i’m going to cry

      • Giselly says:

        Eu adoro Filmes Indianos, sua cultura , seus costumes, vestuários me encantam, e saber que hum Diretor de Renome Ira Produzir Este Filme me emociona. Sou apaixonada Pelos tigres, JA li Livros de Todos os e espero Pelo Ultimo. Tenho Certeza Que O Filme Será, será de grande Sucesso e se Depender fazer elenco grandioso that um TEM Índia, o Sucesso Será, será Maior AINDA. Espero ansiosa POR Este Filme. Beijos e BOM Trabalho a todos. !!!

    13. Eu adoro filmes indianos, sua cultura, seus costumes, vestuários me encantam, e saber que um diretor de renome irá produzir este filme me emociona. Sou apaixonada pelos tigres, já li todos os livros e espero pelo último. Tenho certeza que o filme ser says:

      Eu adoro filmes indianos, sua cultura, seus costumes, vestuários me encantam, e saber que um diretor de renome irá produzir este filme me emociona. Sou apaixonada pelos tigres, já li todos os livros e espero pelo último. Tenho certeza que o filme será de grande sucesso e se depender do elenco grandioso que a Índia tem, o sucesso será maior ainda. Espero ansiosa por este filme. Beijos e bom trabalho a todos. !!!

    14. KNW00 says:

      That makes me sooooo excited! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Good luck to Shekhar Kapur and everyone on the team!

    15. Ashlyn K. says:

      I can not wait for this to come out! Shekhar seems like a good director and I am hoping the movie will be just like the book. I really love what he said about the series. It is about that. When they cast characters I am hoping for good acting, that they might be a little like that character. And that they do look like them. But I love you, Colleen so much!

    16. Stacy says:

      I’ve been looking for any news for forever. Finally the director! That makes me so excited!
      And yeah, please, Emma Roberts as Kelsey! This is such a talented girl and I can easily imagine her in this role. Make that happen, oooh.
      Good luck, Colleen. Can’t wait to see some casting news.

    17. Tawney Bland says:

      This is wonderful news! we need Tiger Curse on the big screen like now! Can you tell him to hurry up? I can’t wait to see who they cast!

    18. Alexandra says:

      I think that the MOST SUITABLE actor for Kishan is Taylor Lautner!!!!!!!!!!! When i read about Kishan, i imagin Taylor Lautner!!!<3

    19. Luísa says:

      Collen! i really love your book!! <3 <3 i'm finishing the book serie of The Tiger's Curse and i already feel an empty! i'm sure that your film will be as amazing as the book!! 😀 i think Emma Watson or Emma Roberts will be good actresses for Kelsey.

    20. jaimie says:

      I think on a professional level you should consider. Gerard. Butler. for a character and look at. movies that other actors have played rolls similar to the character pieces in your books. like Kelsey for example her duscription in the book she is young beautiful. you need a actress. with a strong disposition. a shy girl with attitude. someone. that has a hopeless romantic. heart but stubbornly. argumentative i don’t kno many young actresses. i am usually to busy with my babys to pay attention to movies. but i enjoy reading your books i hope to have the newet one soon keep up the good work and good luck on your cast i kno its gonna be great. no matter who plays who i mean the books are great so pretty hard to beat the story lines 🙂

    21. Maddie M. says:

      I’m so excited! I’m so happy for you, Colleen. I can’t wait until I will see the tigers and Kells on the big screen! I think Danielle Campbell would be perfect as Kelsey, plus she has the same description as her and is a great actress. I hope this movie turns out great! I’m sure it will be awesome. I can’t wait until the casting actors are announced. Thank you Colleen for such a good series!

    22. Nicoli says:

      I love your books and I am very excited to see how the movie is made. 6 times already read the series.
      Thank you for providing this Colleen.
      Good for me is very important actors also.
      Kelsey imagine how a strong girl who had to mature fast by losing their parents early and a different beauty. Emma Roberts does not bring that to me.
      Kelsey as I enjoyed Maia Mitchell. Not know it yet. Maybe Danielle Campbell also. More’m still in doubt.
      As for Ren and Kishan even prefer Indian actors who bring the trace of India. Shahid really like how Ren and Kostas Martakis even though he was a Greek.
      Imran abbas or Sidharth Malhotra as Kishan.

    23. Kate Pierson says:

      I can honestly say I have been waiting for more Tigers Movie news since 2010, so to have this big announcement makes my week!! I am glad they are finally moving forward. I was starting to get worried that the movie wasn’t gonna happen. I am so happy! Thank you for writing such an amazing series! You are amazing, and have made my day more than once.:)

    24. rehana h says:

      Firstly. I just want to thank you for writing a teen book about the Indian culture, I’ve been trying so hard to find one for ages!! The storyline was so amazing and I found myself falling for Ren and Kishan at the same time. As I watch a lot of Bollywood films, I have also seen some similarities between actors and a character. So for the Asian actors, my dream cast would be:

      Ren- Ali Zafar (So handsome, sings, plays guitar and acts- see Mere brother Ki Dulhan songs – do dhaari Talwar)
      Kishan- Hrithik Roshan (green eyes+ gorgeous )
      Nilima: Katrina Kaif (beautiful actress)
      Yesubai: Aishwarya Rai (she has blue/green eyes)
      Mr Kadam – Saif Ali Khan

      Pleaseee consider Ali Zafar though!!! Thank you 🙂

    25. Luisa says:

      I am super excited for the movie! This makes me want to reread the series but they’re trapped in my closet for now.
      The only one I can really think of for Ren is Vivian Dsena look wise.

    26. Ashley says:

      I am so excited to see how these movies are done! I love these books, I have read them over and over and they always get me so attached I feel as if I’m there. You are an amazing writer! Hopefully these movies will do your writing justice! Kostas martakis is also a great idea for Ren, he would be perfect!!!!

    27. Matheus Costa says:

      Dear Collen, I am a fan of you. And I know that this will be a huge movie based on your work. I wanna know when the movie comes and if you already decide ho will play who. Kisses of Brazil Team. <3

    28. Sara says:

      I love these books, and as always with any book to film adaption, the actors/actresses are never ever good enough! However, I think I’d be really okay if Manish Dayal were to play Kishan! I fell in LOVE with this guy after watching 100 Foot Journey. He was excellent and I could definitely accept him as Kishan.
      Congratulations on your accompliments and success! Can’t wait for more movie news! (:

    29. Carla Matos says:

      Please Colleen, when the film will release? When will be announced the trailer or the actors? Please answer me, I’m very excited and happy too !! Ah one more thing, when the Tiger dream will launch ???? I LOVE YOU COLLEEN, PLEASE ANSWER ME . BRAZIL LOVES U

    30. Jaelyn T says:

      I am super extremely excited for this movie! These are the only books that I have gotten so emotionally and physically attached to that I would never put them down and they made me cry! I also cannot wait for the fifth book in the series. SO excited! You’re an amazing author!

    31. Charlotte says:

      I would really like to see Lily Collins as Kelsey Hayes! In the books it said Kelsey was a bit on the chubby side, so I can’t picture Emma Roberts playing that role…. Lily has a more muscular but feminine frame (Kelsey tones up doing karate and working out with Kishan.) Overall I’m so excited for this movie!!!!!

    32. Breanna Zurita says:

      Im so excited for this movie to be released! This has been my first favorite book series ever! I was never really into twilight. Since tigers are my favorite animals it was very hard for me to ever put this book down! I really think that Suraj Sharma could possibly play kishan, plus he has experiene with tiger movies, He was the main character in “The Life Of Pi” I dont know if this link will open but it takes you directly to a pic with him and a white tiger cub! LOL! looks like kishan carrying his brother Ren if you think about it. xD

    33. Jaelyn T says:

      I am extremely excited for this movie! I can’t wait for it to be released. I will scream. XD I am telling all of my friends and family about it. I got them to read the books and we are all soooo excited! I don’t know if you guys casted yet but I think an AMAZING Kelsey would be Jennifer Lawrence. Thinking of how she looked in the Hunger Games is exactly how she is described in the book it seems! And in that movie she has amazing emotions and great acting skills which is, I think, very important for Kelsey. She has the look, and the skill.

    34. Josie C says:

      I’m very happy to hear such great news! I can’t wait to watch it! I hope the actors match the characters,everytime i read the books i imagined that i’m kelsey,because she is a bit like me!:D
      It’s a great story,i hope it is going to be a great movie too!

    35. memorie says:

      I am a Big Fan. I love All of your Books! I was wondering because I can’t find it anywhere. When Does The Tiger’s Curse Movie come out? My uncle Teases me because I Have read you’re books so many times…YOUR’E AWESOME!!!

    36. Marielis Martinez says:

      Oh my Gosh! Colleen I cannot tell you how big of a fan I am of your Tiger Curse series! I have read all your books three times and can never get over how amazing they are! I cried, I laughed, I fell in love with your characters. I love the culture you put into your books and how descriptive you were! How ever I am so nervous for the movie! I was look over an actress for Kelsey’s roll in the movie and I can tell you enough how much I LOVE Nina Dobrev to play her roll! Not only is she gorgeous but she does good acting in one of my favorite shows Vampire Diaries. Kelsey is a strong character and I thought Nina would work perfecting because in Vampire Diaries she plays a brave strong willed woman. As for the boys these are just guys I found to be pretty handsome for the roles but Shahid Kapoor to play Ren and Sammie Dattani to play Kishan. Although I dont know much about their acting their looks to me at least fit the parts. Again I am a huge fan and cant wait to see this book come to life! you can count on me to be at the midnight premier!:) I wish you the best of luck and a Happy New Years!

    37. Isabelle says:

      Hi Colleen! I have read your entire series 5 times through. It gives me tingles, makes me gasp and laugh and altogether LOVE this book. Especially Ren and Kishan. Let’s just say…….yum. I’d rather see an actress and actors for the boys that are not very well known. I have been trying to picture them in my mind for what seems like forever so please please please I hope it will live up to my expectations of what was described in the book. Congratulations by the way! Also, any news on Tiger’s Dream????????


    38. Jaelyn T says:

      Hi Colleen!
      I have a perfect song “request” to go with the movie… I was just listening to my radio and “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift came on and EVERY line would go perfect with the end of the movie! It goes perfectly with how Kelsey is all alone now in Oregon feeling alone and staying up all night just thinking about Ren, and it could also go with Ren pacing back and forth because that’s a line, and it just seems perfect. It reminded me so much of it. Please listen to it!

    39. Jaelyn T says:

      The song “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift is so perfect for the end of the movie. You could replay some of Kelsey and Ren’s past and shift to different scenes of the movie and show Ren miserable and Kelsey all alone… It’s such a great emotional song.

    40. cassandra says:

      oh my gosh i am truely so so excited for this movie…. the thing that i really want to know is when is this amazing spectacular wonderful movie coming out and tigers dream and tigers promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Marianna says:

      Hi Colleen!
      Mexican newbie to your wonderful writing, just finished reading the whole series in less than 1.5 weeks 😀

      Congrats on this huge and amazing project, I really have high hopes for your series being in the capable hands of Mr. Kapur. As far as I’ve seen he really knows how to create great storytelling and stay true to details.

      I wanted to thank you for the passion you have given to this books and also the gift and pleasure that is having a delightful reading that introduces culture in a rich and true manner. Many can try to write stories while borrowing culture, but few like you have the calling to research and understand enough of it to create something unique.

      Greetings from Mexico 🙂

      PS: Haha, couldn’t help it… just following everyone’s craze on dream casting… has anyone already suggested Ginny Gardner or Sofia Black D’Elia as Kelsey? They really remind me the mental image I got from the character. Girl next door with a hint of bombshell in the works.

    42. Adriane says:

      Well, first: Hi Colleen! I am a Tiger Brazilian! I want you to know that you are an amazing writer! Tiger’s Curse is my favorite book! You take us to a wonderful world full of adventures, mysteries and especially learn how to mature along with Kelsey! I’ve read this book three times! I’m obsessed for Ren and the Kishan, my sister tells me that, haha! And I’m so excited and thrilled with the movie! Looking for news every day to see if there is any news about the film! I’m nervous! I’m sure it will be an extraordinary movie! So I think that’s it! Colleen, congratulations on having achieved this, you deserve! Bye Now! 🙂

    43. J. Smith says:

      I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

    44. Annette Emmons says:

      I’m ecstatic that this series is being made into a movie! I love the series SO much! I love that you wrote Kelsey to be such a quirky, realistic character! I was hoping to be out of acting school before you guys made the movie so I could audition! Will there be an open casting call, or do you already have people in mind?

    45. melissa says:

      hi colleen,

      I am a big fan of the tiger curse books. I loved them all so much and cant wait for the 5th book and for the movie too. I fell in love with ren, kishan and Kelsey. I really loved the books so much I really cant put them down. they are my favorite series. I must have read them 5-6 times each. I just love how you make the characters so real and vivid in my mind, its like im really in the book. I did have a question though when ren and kishan are digging mr. kadams grave are the tiger bones really kishans or what? I think they are kishans because he stayed in the past and became durga’s tiger but im not sure and I really want to know. i also wanted to know how you came up with the idea for this series? i am a really big fan of yours, i tell people about the tigers curse series all the time. i even got my mom hooked on them too. you are indeed a very gifted writer. i would love if you could reply to my message either here or on my email.

    46. Antonia says:

      Hi Colleen,
      I know you get a lot of fan comments, and well, you absolutely should. You’re books have literally changed my world. I know you get that a lot, but seriously. I know it’s all about opinion and taste and all, but I am more than sure that your books have much more value than all of those widely well-known and books that EVERYONE has heard about. I’m not saying your books aren’t well known, because they are, but I feel like when books go famous a part of them is lost, you know? It’s not about the books anymore, not really, and then you have people crazy about the movie, and the actors, and that always annoys me the slightest bit; I mean, what about the BOOK, and the effort and imagination and love the authors put into it? Like, take The Fault in Our Stars. Most people have watched the movie. Tons have read the book. But the more famous the books get, the more they lose of themselves…in the end, they’re a bunch of posters, instagram fanpages, and quotes.I know I’m rambling on here, but I just have so many thoughts and emotions on these books. Sorry 🙂 But anyways, even though I’m sure John Green, for example is a great intelligent guy, people who want to talk to him, fans I guess, have no chance of getting noticed. The fan mail blurs into a big heap or full email. So, even though I’m not exactly sure you’ll want to read this entire comment (its a bit long, I know), I just wanted to say you’re amazing. Your books are so good, it was almost too much to handle. When Kelsey left Ren in India in Tiger’s Curse and I was waiting for it to come out in German, (I am partly german, and my dad promised to get it in german), I spent countless nights thinking(agonizing) over those last sentences. Ren’s howl…it broke my heart thinking about it every single time, and yet I kept thinking about it. I made up countless scenarios in my head of what would happen, Ren coming back to Kelsey being one of them (which made me prouder than I should have been, guessing what would happen). I read the first one in fourth grade, which is pretty young, to be reading a book about eighteen and twenty-one year olds. But my obsession has kept up these past 4 years. I had always loved cats and tigers (I have a cat named Tiger), but that was when I decided I liked Tigers best. I have about 10 plush tigers, two of them huge. And I still love them. Your books have always had such an impact on me. I have read all of them so many times, I remember things Kishan, Ren, Kelsey or Mr.Kadam have said…creepily enough I remeber what side of the page it was on. When Kelsey is kidnapped by Lokesh, I almost cried. It occupied me for the next few days, and I still can’t get over the fact Mr. Kadam is gone. They are all like family to me. I feel like I know them more than I know myself. What I love about your books is that they don’t have any of those “cringe” moments, parts in the book you want to skip. And I love Kelsey. How she will do anything for her Tigers, how she is brave, risk-taking, self-sacrificing, stubborn, loving and cares more about others than herself. If there was anyone I wanted to be, it would be Kelsey. I realize this is wayy too long now, but I almost died today when I found out a movie is being made. I really hope they don’t skip the small important parts that make the book so special. And I hope the characters fit Kelsey, Ren and Kishan. And I am dying to read Tiger’s Dream. I miss them all so much. I reread the books tons of times, but I can never bring myself to read much past the part where they leave Kishan behind with Anamika, because at the end of Tiger’s Destiny, I feel like they’re gone. And I can’t handle that. Their story isn’t over. It never will be. So thank you for all you put into these books. They, and all the people in it mean more than the world to me. Some books just do that to you. They become a part of you.

    47. Minna says:

      Congratulations, Colleen Houck! It must be so exciting to be able to see your books come such a long way and see your readers grow significantly! And not your book is going to be a movie? That must feel so amazing! I can’t imagine how excited you are! I loved your books and you are such an inspiration for my writings! I love your detailed work and want to be a great author like you. I can also tell you that my best friends are now huge readers just because of your books. By very good friend hated reading before TIGER’S CURSE and now I never see her without a book! You are amazing and I can NOT wait until your movie comes out! Thank you for being such an amazing author!

    48. Tiger's girl says:

      I am sooo excited for this movie to come out!!!!! I have read the tiger’s curse series about 50 times!!!! I am absolutely in love with these books. It is just the perfect mix of adventure, drama, and romance, with two really hot guys in it. When I talk about this book to my friends, they say, “Is this the book with the hot guys in it?” The descriptions of all of the characters are so vivid, especially Ren and Kishan. Thank you sooooo much for writing these books. And my one question is, Will the movie come out this year, or the next maybe?

    49. Jacqui Daves says:

      I love these books and so do my middle school students! We are so excited that Tiger’s Curse is being made into a movie! Hopefully they will do it justice!

    50. Janaina Moreira says:

      Hello collen , I’m your fan for almost four years , I am Brazilian and I’m so curious , when begins the recordings of the movie?

    51. Ruby Palma says:

      When is the movie going to come out im so excited. …plus does the movie have all 4 books together or they going to be seperate?

    52. Raquel says:

      Hi Colleen!!
      I’m so excited with Tiger’s Curse Movie! I was thinking about the soundtrack and the most outsanding moments of the book for me, it was when Ren came back after his torture and didn’t know Kelsey… OH MY GOSH I cried so much!!! And Thinking Of You, a Katy Perry’s song, matches perfectly with this moment between Ren and Kells… Also I was imagining a Bruno Mars’s song, When I Was Your Man, when Kelsey choose Kishan instead of Ren… I don’t know if it’s ’cause I cheer Kells and Ren, also I did’t finished the last book yet… I’m so afraid of how it may end, but is impossible to stop to read, your vocabulary and script are perfect. Don’t you know somebody like Ren and Kishan? I will marry with both.. Just kidding ;*

    53. Deanna says:

      Your books have gotten me through so much of high school and my troubling days! You’re such an inspiration to me, (trying to become a writer xD), and I couldn’t be more in love with Ren’s character. I also can’t be more excited for the movie, been searching for hours on anything about it. Sad to hear that it might not make it out this year, but I really hope it makes it out soon! I think people in my age group will fall in love with the beautiful tale of Ren and Kishan and their adventures with Kelsey. I know I did, I felt immersed in the world as I read, each page leading me somewhere different. Thank you so much for writing these books, they have been a Godsend to me and my imagination. I think I’ve read them at least 7 times, beginning to end. Learning something new each time. <3

    54. Brandy says:

      Hi Colleen, just wanted to say that i am a huge fan and absolutely love your books! I can not wait for tigers dream to be released, so excited to read what comes in the future. I also hope Ren and Kishan are picked perfectly for the movie, and of course Kelsey too. Thank you for your work! Any info about the movie or tiger dream you could tell us about yet?

    55. Tanya Saigal says:

      Firstly congratulations, this is great news!
      I’ve been following the tiger series as long as i can remember and my obsession with tigers has made my family consider me crazy. But the tigers series have been a constant! <3
      Now that it's being made into a movie, I'm glad that even more people around the world will get a glimpse of the amazing characters that you've created!
      Can't wait for the movie!! 😀

    56. Colette Bryan says:

      Hi Colleen!

      I read the first book because i found it at a flea market, Ha they’re loss. I have been obsessed ever since i finished it and i cant wait to purchase the next one …..and the third one…and the fourth one. hahaha i have been recommending it to ALL of my friends because it is soooooo good. Thank you so much for writing the book series. I would be lost without it. Once again thank you and i cant wait until the 5th one comes out.

      ~Colette Bryan

    57. Daisy says:

      Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for the movie! I love your books so much! I could not put them down until I finished and now my friend is reading them.
      Thank you so much for writing them! You are an AMAZING writer! 🙂

    58. Sidney Pardo says:

      I would like to suggest Zoey Deutch as Kelsey Hayes! i feel like she matches the description 🙂 BTW what an amazing novel thank you for writing it 🙂 i’m hooked! Definitely a novel worth sharing! i just hope the movie is as great as the book! Please take my suggestion into consideration!

    59. Rachel says:

      A group of friends and I read Tiger’s Curse for our lit circle project. My mom decided that she had to read it before me, a week later she went to Barnes and Noble and bought the rest of the books! I love your writing and have re-read the series multiple times. SOO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE! When I learned about it, my friend and I freaked. Literally screamed. Thank you for writing such AMAZING books and inspiring me through Kelsey!

    60. Natasha says:

      Colleen Houck I am a huge fan!!!! Me and my sister and my aunt are obsessed with your series!!! I got one of my best friends to read your series. She hates reading and couldn’t put your books down:) They are the only books she has ever read and liked! Every book I’ve read I’ve counted down the days for the next one to come out! SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE AND TIGERS DREAM!!!!!! I have read your books multiple of times and they have ruined all other books for me;) My family teases me because I will be reading your books and randomly set the book down and sigh, cry, or laugh hysterically. I love your books so much! I honestly got so attached to your characters! I am afraid my relationship expectations are very high and unrealistic now because of your books;) (hundred year old indian/Asian price half tiger) I love Lily Collins for Kelsey and Kostas Martakis for Ren!!! But I know whoever you choose will be amazing! Thank you for being such an inspirational author and my Idol! I can’t wait for more news!
      Your biggest fan, Natasha

    61. Allison Zambrano says:

      I love you BOOK! they are so good, I can’t stay still until it comes out. Just to let you know I am a big fan of yours,the first time one of my bff showed me the book I totally fell in love with it the first time I saw it ! I LOVE YOUR BOOKS Colleen Houck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. memi chambers says:

      I really want this movie to be the best i have not took a day without wondering when the movie will come out i am soooo exited i can wait.You are the best writer.Colleen Houck.

    63. Natalie A. Arroyo says:

      My art history professor was about to discuss the arts from India, and just the location reminded me of your books. I remember the day a friend of mine lent me “Tiger’s Curse” some time after it was published and when I was reading it, I really couldn’t stop. I haven’t read the other books yet, but when I saw a video about it becoming a movie, I’m EXCITED!!! The movie should be just as good as the book!!! I can’t wait to see who the cast is. Looking forward to it. Now it makes me want to read the book again, Colleen Houck!!!

    64. Stormy Hunt says:

      This makes me so happy! I’ve read the Tiger’s Curse series many times. It makes me so happy to hear that a movie is coming soon! Your book was so amazing and has changed my life forever. I can’t wait to see who plays Ren in the movie. He has to be drop dead gorgeous! Thank you for everything you’ve done. So excited and I’m happy for you.

    65. Helen Gomez says:

      I love Tiger’s curse and all the other books, and I’m SUPER excited for the new movie, that’s coming up!!!! 🙂 Here are a few people, I think should play Ren and Kishan. (They are indian actors).

      Ren: Varun Dhawan
      Kishan: Siddarth Maholtra

      I just want to thank you for writing such an amazing book, and I’m really excited for Reawakened, as well!!!!! 🙂

    66. Helen Gomez says:

      Have you already decided who’s going to play Ren and Kishan? I really loved both Ren and Kishan, even though I’m definitely Team Ren 😉

    67. Jaelyn Theisen says:

      Hi Colleen! I am extremely excited for this movie! I’ve been bugging my family and friends about it constantly. 😉 I love acting, and if there are any open auditions or open calls for this movie anytime, I would love to know! It is my dream to Kelsey. I’ve always had a passion for acting but when I read these books (now over and over again) I am so in love with her character!
      Also, even though he is not Indian, Ian Somerhalder would be a good Ren or Kishan I think. (I love the Vampire Diaries and when I found out Julie Plec was helping I almost screamed!)
      Thank you so much for inspiring me Colleen. I love writing too, and you have inspired me to keep going, and that’s what I want to go to school for now!

    68. Hannah Park says:

      I just want to start of by saying, that I’m a HUGE fan of your books! I am absolutely addicted, and I have read all of your books multiple times, and I will never get tired of reading them!!!

      What do you think about the song Nightingale by Demi Lovato? I think that it would be a good song to play, around the time when Kelsey has a nightmare after watching the hunt and Ren is comforting her. What do you think?

    69. Christine says:

      I just wanted to say, I love Tigers Curse. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the series. Even though I’ve only read the first two books, I’m already addicted to it. I know I’m really late, and need to catch up, but when I heard that you were making a movie out of Tiger’s Curse, I literally screamed. I won’t made any recommendations for actors/actresses, because I don’t want to interfere with the movie making process. I honestly can’t wait! I know the movie is coming out in 2015, but if you were to estimate, what month do you think? Okay, so that’s about it, I just wanted to say hi and show my love for this amazing series.

      • Since casting hasn’t happened yet, it’s doubtful the movie will come out in 2015 but we will be sure to let you all know the details as we get them. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything!

    70. Bella says:

      In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the book and then finally my little sister forced me to read it. I am only the second book but am so in love with the series. Then like any other book I check to see if there will be a movie. And since there will be I can’t wait for one. You are such and inspiration to me because I want to become a writer and be something. I want people to remember me for what I said. I want to create a legacy that no one will ever forget. And writers like you remind me that no matter who you are you have the power to be great. So thank you.

    71. Brionna Longest says:

      Hi, omg im so happy and i have so many questions!! i…..i need to ask you so many thigns and i hope you respond omg please email me asap Colleen! thank you!

    72. Donna R. says:

      Hey Colleen! I just have to say I love your series and read the first book December 2009 when I saw it in the Top 100 Amazon Kindle free list and have been hooked since!! Now I know it has been asked if there will be an open audition for Kelsey, but will it for sure be in the newsletter? I would definitely love to audition for the role (as I assume thousands of your other fans would!!) Thank you for the amazing series and your time!


      • Hi Donna, Thank you! It’s highly unlikely that the role of Kelsey will have open auditions but if it does I will for sure announce it in my newsletter. That goes for any roles that might be open cast. We did at one point talk about a walk on role for a fan but I haven’t heard anything about that recently. Stay tuned for updates. =)

        • Donna R. says:

          Darn it! Haha I just went to a modeling and acting agency earlier! Well I do hope it is open cast it would definitely be awesome to be Kelsey! Thank you for the response

    73. Kelsie Bacik says:


    74. Amara Khan says:

      Hi Colleen I’m a big fan of your books and I can’t wait till the movie comes out do you think it will be out next year? When do you think it might be out I know they take a year or two to film but I’m prepared to wait!

    75. M&M says:

      Your books are great! I am so excited about the movie. You should really consider Imran Abbas for Kishan.

    76. Mila says:

      hi Colleen,
      I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the books !!!!!!!! I what to act as Kelsey.
      When is the book tiger’s dream coming out???? I cannot wait for the movie to come out!! I have a dream cast.
      KELSEY: Maia Mitchell, Lily Collins, Zoey Deutch or Mckaley Miller
      REN: Kostas Martakis or Ian Somerhalder
      KISHAN: Varun Dhawan or Inram Abbas
      LOKESH: Hrithik Roshan
      KADAM: David Strathairn
      NILIMA: Freido Pinto
      DURGA; Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma
      Or me as Kelsey!!!!!!!!
      I hope this movie is not butchered like some other movies.

    77. Sareal says:

      Colleen, I cannot get enough of your books. I’m absolutely in love with your series and hope that the movie will be as good! I can’t even start to describe how happy I am that another book is coming out also, I’m so very happy that I’ve read your books and can’t wait for more adventure to come!

    78. Aelis Martins says:

      So when is the movie being released? And I loved your series i hope all of them get a movie!!

    79. Rach says:

      Congratulations on such a wonderful series!!! The best I’ve read in many years!!!
      There are alot of great actors /actress’s but we need to see NEW talent. We are at a point in the movie industry were actors/actress’s are being used over and over agian, good performance yes, but do they really fit the part?
      No! The storyline, characters, dont click. With any new series I think it would be impossible to use any known American actor or actress. I’m hoping to see new talent. I’m very excited to see this series brought to life and expect it to take the movie industry by storm.

    80. Riley says:

      I’m so excited for this movie and have been since I first heard about it in 2011. I feel like Ben Schnetzer or Rafi Gavron would be good for Kishan or Ren if you haven’t started casting yet. I can’t wait to see it!

    81. Brandy says:

      Hi Colleen!
      HUGE fan of you and the series. Cant wait for the movie to come out!! I know you guys don’t have a release date but could you fill us in on what is currently going on? Has any of the cast been picked out yet? Is the script even finished being written? let us know thanks 🙂
      Oh and i cant wait to read your knew upcoming book!! so excited! You’re amazing

      • Thank you =) Movie guys don’t always share things with me. Sometimes fans even find out information before I do =) It’s pretty normal. As far as I’m aware we have a director and script but no cast at this time.

    82. Ciera says:

      Oh my gosh, I am totally stoked for the movie!! I am a super huge fan of the series, and I’ve always wanted to get my books signed by you! You are my favorite author and I hope you continue to write stories with different cultures tied in with romance and adventure!

    83. Mila says:

      hi Colleen,
      I LOVE your books!!!!!!!
      they are the best!!!!!!
      I think Cozi Zeuhlsdorff would be a good Kelsey.
      love your books

    84. Jasmin Benavides says:

      Colleen I admire your imagination and great talent in creating such amazing books I just finished tigers destiny this morning I had read the first three books about a year ago and had been suffering not being able to finish the next book because of how busy I was in school but I love how the plot and story has been layer out I couldn’t put your books down I’d finish them in days!! I’m very exited and looking forward to the movie and I’m looking forward to tigers dream! India is magical and the wonderful adventures you have created are just magnificent and beautiful congratulations on your great books I wish you the very best and that the movie will honor your books and show everyone its great magic and uniqueness !
      One of your many dearest fans, Jasmin 🙂

    85. Darlene says:

      Dear Colleen: I have a suggestion for one of the characters that I love; KISHAN!
      Kishan: José Pablo Minor
      I hope you love him as much as I do
      Love, Darlene

    86. Jully Grins says:

      I’m a big fan of yours! I live in Brazil and I saw that you will here this year … but I saw that you won’t come to the Rio Grande do Sul (my friends and I wanted you to come here and when we saw that you weren’t coming almost had a heart attack!). I am very eager to read his new book, but my prefierido will always be the curse of the Tiger and will launch the 3 < movie! Ho my God! I'm very anxious! even if you don't choose it to play Ren, Kostas Martakis will always be my Ren. Ren is my favorite, I've read the saga five times just because of him, how you managed to create a character so perfect? Was reading your book I realized that when I grow up I want to write a book too. I know many others must ask and fill you with questions like mine but I'm still going to ask: why don't you send more letters signed? I really wanted one, if you send me I would put in a frame and pinduraria on the wall! And I'm not exaggerating! I'm asking because I saw a woman from Brazil won a signed letter autographed also markers. And why are you taking so long for us fans terms news about the film the curse of the Tiger? Thanks for reading my coméntario and if you reply I'm going to vomit Rainbows!

      • Vomiting rainbows sounds painful! Burping them would be much more interesting. My publisher in Brazil has taken over sending autographed letters. I was getting over a thousand requests per day and if I did that I wouldn’t have time to write! You’ll have to ask the movie guys why its taking so long. The whole movie making process is a mystery to me. I learn something new every time I talk with them.

    87. Haley B says:

      I’ve never looked forward to a release date on a movie till this book series came out. Such a magical book that makes me crave for adventure and deep love that is expressed between Kelsey and Ren. I have read the books multiple times and have shown it to dozens of friends. We have our own fan club. #TeamRen (we also love Kushan)
      Thank you Colleen Houck for writing my favorite books. It was also great to meet you when you were in Orem at a book signing. I still have the goody bag I won from you and the awesome Indian recipe book! My mom was jealous and incredibly excited for the tasty food we have yet to experiment. also, if you are in search of extras for the movie, I would be more than happy to volunteer! Or give my heart and soul for a spot.

    88. Marcelly says:

      Hello, Colleen ..
      First’m a big fan and I live in Brazil ..
      I identified a lot with his books, fell in love with each page that has been read, and now look forward to the movie, which surely will be beautiful and exciting.
      I am very eager to start reading the new book ‘The Wake-Blood Prince “and surprise me with another adventure, it seems to be a similar story with the Tigers, but I’m sure that not everything is what it seems, and we will stay in love but once a beautiful story.
      I wish all the best to you and to come many, many books and movies ahead .
      I learned that you will come to the RJ at the Book Biennial, is it true? What day and time? For I’ll do everything to is there ..
      Thank you for reading my review and I would love you to answer me ..
      Beiiijinnhuusss !!! ♥

    89. Remy says:

      Colleen I just love your books and cant wait for the movie to come out. My friend got me hooked on the series and now I cant put the books down. I cant wait until Tigers Dream comes out. Thanks for making the books series.

    90. Noname says:

      For the movie, there is a song that is awesome for the last book if you turn the last book into a movie, (marriage scene) It’s called I Will Be by Avril Lavigne. It’s not new (it’s like 2011) but it’s really good! Sorry about looking so far ahead.

    91. Noname says:

      Never mind about the last comment I made because you will make the last movie in couple of years from now. Love your books. I’ve read this series 3 times.

    92. Raven says:

      I started reading this series in 7th grade and now I am a sophomore. I have read the series more times then there are books, I have been hoping they would make the series a movie so I am super excited!

    93. Jessie says:

      Still waiting for tiger’s dream. I’m very curious as to what the book is going to be about. Maybe kels and Ren would have a love child. I’m sure the book would have shockers. Can’t wait. Anywaysssss… Is this the sound of a movie in making I hear. I love it when authors want to make their books into movies. BUT beware sometimes fans won’t like it. Alas, I look forward for this movie, and I hope the cast would meet high expectations.
      p.s. I hate when old actors are portrayed and have the role of a young character in the book. So please Collen Houck, don’t make a 28 year old actor have the role as a 17+ year old Kelsey. If that’s the case, make sure to tell the make-up artist to drawn them in make-up so they can look younger and not wrinkled.
      I am super duper excited, don’t make us wait too long for this awesome movie.

    94. Jessie says:

      Thank You for that comment :).. I want you to know that you have a fan from Guyana, South America reading your books. I am currently reading your new novel Reawakened. I have to say, it’s addictive and I haven’t been able to put it down. Keep doing the great job you were meant for. 😉

    95. Olivia griffith says:

      Hello, my names Olivia and I’m thirteen I LOVE your books I started reading them in fourth grade and I thought they were the best and I couldn’t wait for christmas to get the rest of your books. Actually, I’m reading the series a second time(was waiting for the the third and fourth books). I showed my mom your books and she also fell in love with them and me and her totally agreed your books were the best we’ve ever read and when I read tigers destiny I cried at the end I was so happy and I just recently found out you made tigers promise and are making tigers dream and I really want to read them and can’t wait for the movie 🙂

    96. Chalise says:

      Hi my names Chalise, i’m 14 years old. You are an amazing writer. I am currently writing a book, I hope mine can be as amazing as yours. I don’t wanna sound like a crazy fan girl. But you write amazing. I hope someday, if I get my book published. (Its called Violet Eyes) that you’ll read it! Your my idol for me.

    97. ren and kells says:

      hi colleen
      I’m writing a story about two tigers one is a prince and a princess and its really good trying to publish it how do you get books published
      p.s I’m In love with your books mostly Dhiren cant wait for your movie

    98. Lys says:

      Okay, me and my friend Cassandra have been HUGE fans of series, Cassandra is actually the one who converted me to these books, and we are ecstatic about this movie!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a list of people we think would be awesome for the movie!!!!!!!!!
      Kelsey-Maia Mitchell
      Ren-Kostas Martakis
      Kishan-Inram Abbas
      Lokesh-Gerard Butler
      Mr. Kadam-Saif Ali Khan (sort of)
      Nilima-Katrina Kaif; Frieda Pinto
      Hope the movie gets as close to the book as possible!!!!!

    99. Heidi says:

      First and foremost you have heard this a million times but Colleen I love your books. Can we expect the movie within the next few years? Also, are you writing anything new? Thank you again for creating this world for us.

      • Shara Lane says:

        Hi Heidi,
        Colleen is on tour with her new book “Reawakened” in Brazil for the next couple weeks, but we didn’t want to leave your questions unanswered. Colleen puts updates on her website when she gets news about the movie. We know they have a director and are looking for cast members and locations right now. How exciting! To answer your 2nd question Colleen is always writing, in fact she’s already submitted book #2 in the Reawakened series. I’m reading the series right now myself for the 2nd time, and I have to agree Colleen really knows how to create a world that you just want to get lost in. Thanks for writing us!

    100. faith says:

      I greatly enjoyed the Tiger’s Curse series and am looking forward to seeing how the movie will turn out! this was posted in about exactly a year ago and I am wondering if it was canceled or is still in the finishing process?? I saw the dream cast and found that the cast was a bit mainstream but mainly liked it. Cant wait to see the movie ( if it ever comes out :))

    101. Evelyn Ben says:

      I can’t wait for the movie to come out, so excited. I really enjoyed all the books that I’ve read and I’m still checking if the Tiger’s Dream is out, just waiting patiently. I was looking at another book that you’ve wrote and it seems almost the same as the tiger’s saga.

      • I’m excited for the movie too. Dream is coming, we just aren’t quite sure when yet since the mummy books need to be out first. The Egypt series is out now with book one, and there are definitely similar elements to the tiger series. You’ll find lots of action, adventure, and romance and its all based on Egyptian mythology.

    102. Elsa says:

      Hi! I’ve read all of the Tiger’s Saga that have been out so far, and the first of the Reawakened series! I’ve loved all of them! I’m SO excited for the Tiger’s Curse movie to come out! I bet it’ll be great! Anyway, if it’s not too late… I have an actress in mind to play as Kelsey! I was thinking of Nina Dobrev. Can’t wait!

    103. Dhiren rajaram's fan says:

      I just looooove the tiger’s curse film so let’s see how the film goes on. I love all the characters, especially the Indian ones. You want to know why? That is beacause I am Indian.

    104. Brandy says:

      Hi Colleen, I hope you read this! I have an amazing actress to suggest for the movie. She would be a great durga or Nilami! Her name is SHIRYA SARAN, she was great in the move “The other end of the line” and is very beautiful. If you have any pull you should suggest her. Cant wait to see the movie and read your newest book 🙂

    105. Sarah Ladner/kishans soul mate says:

      when dose the movie coe out??? im deeply engaged in the action love triangle please tell me my resources are limted im having serious withdraws from your master pices

    106. Sarah Ladner/kishans soul mate says:

      thank you for replying Mrs.Lane , do you have an estimate to what year???=] im really happy because you replyed and i have wanted to see the movie for my sweet 16 in 2 years will i be able to???

    107. Bailei says:

      If Kelsey is blond~ Hana Hayes
      if she’s brown hair~ Katelyn Nacon
      Nilima (I dont know how to spell)~ Maia Michell
      Rebecca: Kyla Kenedy

      I don’t know for the rest of them

    108. Sarah Ladner/kishans soul mate says:

      i hope that they will sell hoodies and other items showing off the tigers i would love a hoodie!

    109. Tara says:

      Can I pleaseeeeeeeeeee suggest names for the casting!! Please please please please please!!

      Ren: Hrithik Roshan
      Kishan: Shahid Kapoor
      Kelsey: Katrina Kaif
      Mr Khadam: Amitabh Bachan

    110. Anna Loyd says:

      Colleen! I just wanted to say I’ve been reading your books since I was 14 and I am forever in love with the Tiger’s Curse Series. I couldn’t be more excited for the movie to come out! Thank you for creating such a beautiful series.

    111. Molly says:

      When is the movie coming out and how can I see it or get it. Also I just found this website, did they movie already come out and if so I would love to get one

    112. Skylar says:

      I really hope a movie comes out. If it doesn’t I’m gonna be really disappointed. Also is there gonna be a fifth book? I was wondering about that.

    113. Jerca B. says:

      I love this books… They are great.
      Any news about the film?
      I have one question and I did not find an answer. So I want to know: will be in the film real tigers?
      I know silly question but I really want to know…

    114. BreeLynn says:

      I’m just seeing this now?!
      Yikes, I’m so bad at keeping up to date on stuff. Though, I only did just find the book last year. I got books 3 and 4 for Christmas, so I can’t wait to finish and start all over again! I do hope the movie’s process goes smoothly as it can.

    115. Kimberly says:

      OH. My. Goddess!!!! A movie?!!! I’m so excited!!! II just finished the series & stayed up all night to finish the last book!! I read them in 5 days, they are so masterfully written!! Thank you for your dedication & beautiful talents!! With that said, I have a suggestion on who should play Kishan. Taylor Lautner would be perfect! He seems the younger brother type which the cocky grins and the right attitude to truly capture Kishan! He even has the bronze skin & devilishly good looks! 😉 he has brown eyes that could easily be made golden with the right contacts! As for Kelsey, Nina Dobrev would be perfect! She is absolutely stunning and has the strength to capture all of Kelsey’s attributes. She would make the perfect Kelsey, as she could be stubborn, strong-willed, soft hearted, and strong as a warrior! As for Ren, I have no idea, he would be hard to find a perfect match for as I don’t believe this man exists 😉 but I have faith you all will make the best decisions && I am looking forward to seeing it in theaters!! All the best to you, the cast and crew! Many blessings, love, and peace to you my dear!

    116. Rebbecca McMichael says:

      I just started reading tiger’s destiny, I haven’t been able to put it down, can’t wait for the 5th book, I love the different gods and goddesses of the Indian Culture and how you have weavered so many different cultures together. This is the first series by colleen houck I have ever read, it makes me want to read more by her, I can’t wait for the movie, if it’s anything like the book , its going to be awesome to see.

    117. Julia Lesho says:

      I have to say, when I first read these books, I cried. The ONLY book I have cried over. My heart left with Kishan, but my heart shattered when Ren forgot. I have never before felt so much conflict over character(s). As always, I searched the book online for good pics and stuff to commemorate my new obsession (I diagnosed myself. I read the book ten times over). Lo and behold, I stumbled across the IMDB Sneak Peek, and I literally fell out of bed in shock. Colleen, I hope you make sure the movie is just as good as the book. I’ve seen so many movies that fall short of the breath taking storytelling of the black and white, inked gloriousness of the original. If Tiger’s Curse the movie turns out just as good as the film in my head that your series created, I will gladly die after seeing it, happily.

      Kudos to you, Colleen, making my High School life so much more bearable and surreal, setting my standard for guys WAY too high. ;P


    118. Amber H. says:

      Oh my goodness, I completely agree with what everybody says about this series! I squealed in delight, stormed in anger, gasped in disbelief, and cried in sadness. No other book, book series, or even movie has ever affected me so strongly. Two years ago, when the movie was announced, I was stoked!! I could’ve fainted, I was so excited! Two years pass, and all I see is a director… I have to say I’ve been severely disappointed, not in you, but in the movie guys. 😉 Keep us updated on what you know!! I can’t wait for the movie, and while I’m waiting, I’ll keep reading these beautiful and scrumptious books of yours!

    119. Sarahladner/kishans soul mate says:

      I still cant wait to see the movie i have read all the books so many times and each time i feel like im reading a new book everytime!

    120. Annurine says:

      Can’t wait for the movie to come out 🙂 I loved reading your books. Re read them a couple of times. I am sure the movie will receive the same love as the books:)

    121. anxious fan says:

      its been over a year since the director was announced and even longer since it was announced it’s being turned into a movie. when can we expect a cast list or trailer or something? I keep checking and can never find anything other then fan made stuff that gives me false hope. I don’t want to it be like Harry Potter and people start giving up on the idea half way through because they take too long to get the movies done. Plus, all 4 books are over the span of only 2 years and Ren and Kishan don’t age, they are going to have to make the movies quickly if they want to respect that important fact of the books and make sure the actors look the same troughout.

    122. Biggest Tc Fan Ever says:

      Kelsey: EMMA ROBERTS
      (I named my kitten after him)Kishan: TAYLOR LAUTNER

    123. elizabeth hon says:

      Hi colleen, my name is Elizabeth Hon and I have just started reading the 4th book and I love movies, I have read so many books but really I love your books the best, can’t wait until the movie is out ,best of luck and I to want to be a actress also. I think I can emphasis with Kelsey because her mother passed away.

    124. Annurine says:

      It would be so cool if the actors have the eye colour of the characters. I live for Dhiren’s cobalt blue eyes.

    125. Elizabeth hon says:

      Hi Colleen its Elizabeth Hon again and I want to ask u have ever thought of makeiing a book called the fire wolf u can maybe add it to the 5ft book of tiger curse just think about it sounds good

    126. ShelbyKatRoss says:

      hello!! I love your Tigers Curse books and i’m so glad that there is a movie in the works!! me and my best friend are currently reading them (my 8th time and her 1st)every time i read it i fall in love all over again. i think im most excited to see Phet.. :3 hes’s my favorite character. do you have any idea what year you hope the movie will come out? (p.s you are my favorite writer, one day i ope to be as amazing as you)

    127. Melany says:

      I literally search “tigers curse movie” and check Instagram,Twitter Facebook and YouTube everyday hoping for some kinda news lol I can’t wait for the movie ,can we expect a cast or release date or to start shooting this year ? Thanks in advance and thanks for writing such amazing books

    128. TigersDestinyLuver says:

      This is so so great! I feel like the director’s opinion of the story sways slightly from mine, however. I do not want this to be one of those movies all about the lead character’s feelings and internal conflicts (in a cheesy way), with a hot rescuing boyfriend who saves her from trouble while she is so (dramatic gasp!) distressed. I want this to focus on her feelings, sure, but also the rich culture, thrilling action scenes, and hot romance. That being said, I am so excited to hear more information about the movie! Great news!

    129. elizabeth hon says:

      Hi Colleen its Elizabeth Hon wanted to know why Kelsey had a connection with the tigers and the lady with magic with fire and Kelsey with lighting the lady that helped with Ren and kelsey

    130. Don'Kyiah says:

      i love all of your books, my favorite out the series is book two Tigers Quest, but to be honest all them are wonderful. when i read these it’s like i watching the movie already. that shows how great in detail the books are and how much thought was put into them. just want you to know i never really read books until this series and you showed me how great books can really be. Wish i actually had the money to buy the series but i already read the books 7x over. love you work …. You make being a high school so easy because book take me to another world.

    131. Elizabeth hon says:

      Hi Colleen how’s the movie making doing? I will see the movie when it comes out . And have u found anyone to Kelsey yet?

    132. book lover says:

      do you know if there is a release date for the movie. me and my friends and teacher who have fallen in love with your books have been planing to watch the movie when it comes out and it would be nice to have a date for it to be released so we can plan ahead of time. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS. in the time it took me to finish all the books, i had fallen for ren. he stole my heart and it was so exciting to see the new adventures that they had in store for them. i am very excited for the movie… CANT WAIT!!!!!

    133. Ari says:

      I would joust like to tell you how much I loved your books. They really helped me, because Kelsey is such a strong woman in them. She puts herself out there without doubting herself. And up until my freshman year of college, I could never imagine doing. I had to move from PA to NM for college. Something I did not want to do. But I brought your books with me for the days when I hid myself away from the world. And after a while I came up with this saying, “what would Kelsey do?” And it was something I would say to myself when I was given an opportunity. And through that saying I signed up for improv club. Through that I learned about how amazing some people are. People that I imagine will never be seen in the big movies. But I think that they need to be seen. And I know that your movies are going to be amazing. But I would love to see some of those lesser known people showing up so that they can shine just as brightly as the other stars.

    134. Elizabeth hon says:

      Hello its Elizabeth from what I found out the movie looks like it is coming out in the year 2016-2017 in the middle of those years

    135. Christy says:

      Colleen, don’t forget o keep us updated on the movie development 🙂 even if it’s just pictures of meetings for the film and small stuff like that. Keep the hype train going! I’m going around bragging to all of my friends that my favorite book series is going to turn into a movie and they don’t believe me yet haha

    136. Ellie sonap says:

      Hey Colleen I love your work ( you are my favorite author) so i am really excited for th movie. Do you have any idea when it might come out?

    137. Jazza Tilson says:

      Hi! I’m a super huge fan of Tiger’s Curse. I’ve read it like six times, and your writing inspired me to try to write as well. Have there been any updates on the movie? Is there still going to be a movie?

    138. Brandy says:

      Hi Colleen! You’re my favorite writer, I absolutely love every part of your books! Cant wait for the 5th book, have you started writing it yet? Ive read your books multiple times, cant get enough! can you tell us anything about the movie? please post updates so we know 🙂 anything would be great!

    139. Brianna says:

      I absolutely loved reading the Tigers curse series. My favorite by far has to be Tigers Destiny. I loved the Phoenix, the Rakshasa, and the way the book ended. I loved how it ended so much. I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I cried tears of joy when both the brothers were with someone they were happy with and loved. Throughout the whole series I just felt bad for Kishan because he never really got to be with someone he loved so yea that made me happy. One of my stepmothers friends said she noticed the series in my room and apparently she was also a huge fan of yours. We got into a long conversation about. So we both can’t wait for the movie. thank you for writing this amazing series.

    140. Mason says:

      I started this book series forever ago, and I’ve loved it for possibly over three years now! I can’t wait for book five, and I have ever book in the collection. I’m also reading your new Reawakened series and so far it’s very interesting as I really enjoy Egyptian Mythology. I want to thank you for writing these, encourage you and support you in all the books you write! You’re amazing, and I’ll be waiting patiently for the movie to come out!

    141. Mairu says:

      still waiting for this movie. The director was announced a long time ago so I was wondering what is taking so long? Not to rush anyone but it has been a really long time.

    142. royn says:

      I love you Colleen Houck. I have read the tigers curse so many times my friends think I like it to much. I was reading about when the movie is supposed to come out but it didn’t say anything, so I was wondering when its going come out and also not to rush people what is taking so long?

    143. Hannah says:

      I have absolutely fallen in love with your books, I have read all of the tigers curse series books, and they left me speechless, I can’t wait until this movie is out!!!!!😘😍😍😍😍

    144. savannah says:

      hi my name is Savannah and i LOVE your books u are a grate author and i cant wait for the movie. i have read your books 7 times and still going!!!!

    145. Izzy says:

      hi Colleen Houck, I don’t think you’d remember me but you might remember my school, I go to Idaho Fine Arts Academy and I remember the beginning on my 6th grade year you came and visited my school. I was overly excited at the assembly (my friend sitting next to me had to pretty much hold me down) and not to long after that started begging my parents for the book. I have reread the book about 5 times and every time I find a new exciting moment that I either didn’t remember or just didn’t catch it before. I’m reading the 4th book now and I am really excited for the movie ( I really hope its as good as the books!!!)!!!!!! Btw ever since you came to my school, I have started writing my own books also!

    146. Jerca B. says:

      Your books are so so so so so amazing.I reread them abaut 5 times.I realy love Kellsey and Ren. Any new news abaut movie? I have Idea abaut who would be a grate Kellsey. And she is so amazing. So I was thinking abaut Zoey Deautch. She is like Kellsey to me. Please please pick her. Who ever will act I hope movie come out as fast as posible. Bdw I am sorry for my english, I am from Slovenija and I am trying my best. Please anwser me if you have any news. Love you.

    147. Rosanna says:

      I love these books so so much I named my cat Ren my room is decorated in tigers. These books are my all time favorite. And the thought of a movie excites me so very very much but is there really going to be a movie its been a really really long time and it seems like much hasn’t happened. Also to be honest I not a big fan of Inram abbas to be one of the brothers.

    148. Jahnavi Bonagiri says:

      HI Colleen! I’m Jahnavi and I’m a huge fan of your books and you .I just have some questions to ask you though? When is Tiger curse movie being released and did you get ANY more information about the details of the movie as well? Are are you going to right a story or an epilogue after Ren and Kelsey got married? Are you writing anymore series or books?Sorry for bothering you with a lot of questions it’s just I love your books I literally read them more than 50 times and I’m just really excited about the movie.Thank you so much for your time! Please reply so soon so you can and thank you!

      • Hi Jahnavi

        Nothing new on the movie at this time. I’m currently writing Tiger’s Dream which is the fifth and final book in the tiger series. Thanks so much for reading! I’m excited for the movie too. =)

    149. Hannah says:

      I would LOVE to see this book become a movie- it is in fact my favorite series- but when will it come out? I am SO excited to delve back into the Tiger’s series with Tiger’s Dream, when will it come out? Also, just a question posed out of curiosity, since you spent so much time perfecting and writing these books, so much times that you probably have them all memorized, but do you go back and read them? Or at least your favorite parts?

      • Hi Hannah, Yep I reread things all the time. I have to do that to make sure it all melds together. Look for Tiger’s Dream in 2018. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet.

    150. Michéla Welman says:

      Hello Colleen. I am so inlove with your books and i read them over and over again. Im super excited about this movie. I have been waiting since the first day I finished the first book. And I can’t wait for the 5th. I’ve been trying to get everyone to read this book because I don’t know how anyone can’t because they would be missing out on a lot. Can’t wait for everything and I hope this movie is as amazing as the books are ❤

    151. Michéla Welman says:

      Its probably too late to say this but my choice of actors and actress would of been:
      Emma Roberts- Kelsey
      Kotas Martakis/Ian Somerhalder – Ren
      Imran Abbas -kishan

    152. Marie says:

      I love the tiger books so much!!! My friend got me the first book for Christmas a while ago and I have read all of them so many times it’s hard to keep track. I’m always on the edge of my seat (even though I already know what’s going to happen). Hopefully it’s not to late but I think Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy would be a good song at the end of fur movie when Kelsey is leaving India and Ren. I love you so much!!!💜💜

    153. Carol says:

      I love this saga, and I can’t wait for to watch the movie!! I’m from Mexico, and I can’t found tiger’s destiny in spanish, because is easy to me… LOL! My english isn’t the best! I read the books in Spanish except tiger’s destiny… It’s really complicated to find it! But I hope the movie comming out soon!

    154. Jadie M. says:

      OMG I love your books so much!! You are an amazing writer, an I simply cannot wait for the movie!! Please tell me when is going to be realised! I love this series soo much!!!!!

    155. Ismerai says:

      I found out that there was gonna be a movie after I read the first book this year in January. I read all the books in less than two weeks, I read the book and I couldn’t put it down. I LOVE READING and your book became my favorite book. I am currently re reading them, this books makes me feel like I’m in the book to and I can visualize everything you wrote. It is so well written, thank you for weighting this awesomely adventurous romantic book. I can’t wait for the movie to come out, I’m gonna get my mom to read it, she gonna love this book. Thank you 😀😀😀☺️

    156. Mara says:

      Hello Colleen,

      I have also read all of the books, and I can’t wait for the film. Do you have an idea when the film is published ?
      I love These books. Normally i absolutely don’t read but These books I simply have to read all over again.
      Thank you so much

    157. L. Raja says:

      Wonderful works Ms. Houck, very pleased to see how you have weaved your research upon Indian culture into your writing. If you have auditions or need a description fitting Kelsey, please do tell.

    158. Wendy says:

      Hello!! I’m totally in love with this story.. I’ve read the 1st and 2nd book just in one week.. now I’m in the middle of the 3rd book and looking for the 4th book, because I can’t find it in Lima.. :'(
      I just figured out that there’s going to be a movie.. I’m waiting for this with lot of expectation and watch in the movie what I imagined in every chapter you’ve wrote.. this story has all that I like in a book: love, adventure, history.. <3

    159. Karoline Tremblay says:

      I’m a big big BIG fan of the Tiger’s Curse!

      This story’s so original and fantastic! I’m in love with this serie.
      I read this books many time , I imagine each scene and I always react! I was cried whem M.Kadam was dead and Kishan stay in the past.

      It’s just a beautiful serie, I’m in love and I love these characters.

      When I knew you do a movie about this story, I was sooooo happy and I’m impatient to see it! I hope I can see it soon!

      Before I read this books, I didn’t know you. But when I read this, I just wanted to see what books you do, and I buy many of them, they’re amazing!

    160. Karoline says:

      Hi! I’m Karoline from Quebec in Canada, and I want to say I’m just in LOVE with this story! Omg! I read all of them! Their are my life haha <3 These characters are so amazing!

      When I see the first book of this serie, I didn't know I will be in love and this serie will be my favorite serie of all time, because I was sure it will be just a story from a girl who love two boys, but it's much better than I was thinking. And I was so happy when I knew it will have a new book of Tiger's curse, I'm very impatient!

      I cried when I finish the 4th book, I didn't want this story finish, but now I want this 5th book ! =)

      And for the movie, I'm really excited! When we can see the movie? It will be just one movie or more? =)

      And now, I just want to say thank you for these books, you're now my favorite author, these books make me happy when I'm sad, really! This fantastic story is extraordinary and I'm just in love!

      I love this serie and I love you Colleen Houck! Impatient to see the movie and the 5th book! <3<3<3


    161. Ismerai Garcia says:

      August 5, 2017 at 11:16 PM
      Has there been any news about the movie? Who would you like to see play the characters that you created ?

    162. Anna says:

      I love this series! As a teen I read this and even shared it with my little sister. We both love this series and cannot wait for the film to come out. Even though I am now almost out of college I still reread this series in anticipation for the movie.

    163. Cecily says:


      I absolutely love this book! I’ve been to India and traveled to some of the places in the book and I am SO excited for the movie to come out! A girl can only reread this book so many times (that’s not true… this book is one you can reread a million times and not get bored)! Any update on the movie cast or when it will be released?! Looking forward to it!

    164. Enya says:


      OMG!!! I LOVE your books! I’m so excited for the movie! My friend and me will definitely be first in line at our local cinema. The books are beautifully written, not to mention the illustrations! I love your work! Please, never stop writing! <3 <3 <3 <3

    165. Melany says:

      But why is there no news after 3 years ,I mean nothing, not even a small bit of news? Even the tigers curse movie on instagram stopped posting a year ago, are they still
      Making a movie ? Are they still
      Doing the script? Are they done with the script but planing for the locations or making a set ? Are they preparing for the cast ? Like any kind of update would be helpful anything at all ? Please I am losing hope that there will ever be a tigers curse movie 😩😩😩😩

      • Don’t lose hope. There’s still a chance. The books are still under option and while that’s true, a film is always a possibility. The same people are still attached to it including the director so keep your fingers crossed!

    166. Zendy says:

      Hola Colleen!! Amo tus libros los he buscado por años en fisico y los consegui y ya los termine..y stoy volviendo a leerlos… Tal vez me stan esperando para el casting de kelsey hahahaha me estoy preparando 😄

    167. Christine says:

      Hi Colleen, I’m a big fan of your works. I know creating a film isn’t simple, forgive me for being impatient, but is there a definite cast for the movie yet? If not, could I suggest Lily Collins for the role of Kelsey? Lastly, I have a question, is this movie just going to be the first book, or is it the entire story?

      Never stop writing, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

    168. Savannah says:

      I have checked for updates on the movie almost every week since I read the 1st in 2013. I’m dying 😭.

      Can we band together and make a petition to speed up the process??????

    169. Kaitie says:

      Could we please have an update on what is happening with the movie? I am dying to know! It makes me feel like the movie isn’t happening!

    170. Yasmin says:

      I love your books. The tiger curse was the first book I read, and since the first chapter I fell in love with the story. I confess that one thing that attracted me in the beginning was the Tiger on the cover. Since I was a child, I have always loved tigers and when I saw a book with a tiger on the cover, I did not hesitate to buy it. Since then, I fell in love reading. The curse of the tiger has opened my horizons to this vast world and I loved getting to know the Indian culture and I am rereading the saga for the 5th time. I introduced the saga to my boyfriend and he is also enjoying it very much. Thanks for creating amazing and exciting characters like Ren, Kishan and Kelsey. Thank you for creating this magical story that changed my life and made me expand my horizons to other places in the world. In fact, I am planning to visit India soon to get to know the country better. I really want to see the tiger curse in theaters. Can we still wait for this? Is it possible that they release some information soon? I saw on a website that the actor who will play Ren has already been chosen but was not revealed, is this true? Please, Colleen, respond. I’m afraid the movie will not happen any more. Can we still wait?

      • Thank you! The movie is still in the works. We have a producer and a director but that’s it as far as I know. Like you, I’m still looking forward to more info. Hopefully, they can make it work.

    171. Leigh says:

      I can only imagine how hard it would be to find an olive-skinned man with piercing cobalt blue eyes and a killer body… plus the details Ms.Houck puts into the story leaves little imagination. I think it would be difficult to produce such a movie with a tiger almost 90% of the time. however, i am still anticipating a trailer. hopefully sometime this year (fingers Crossed). if executed flawlessly this movie will be the next fangirl craze. I can’t wait.

    172. Jahnavi says:

      Hey Colleen!

      I was wondering if In the 5th book Tigers dream, are Dhiren and Kelsey going to be involved? Or is it totally about Kishan and Anamika?

    173. Paloma says:

      Hi Colleen!
      I’m Paloma. I recently started reading Tiger’s Curse series as soon as i finished the Reawakened series. I cannot put your series down, for either.
      No matter how long the process may take, just know that i’ll be there when it releases at it’s midnight release. lol.
      I’ll be there to draw fanart and release student press releases about it asap. Love ya and ya work!!!!!

    174. Gabrielle Moquin says:

      Hey Colleen,

      I love your books! Do you have news about the movie? Thanks

      Gabrielle from Canada

    175. Helen Mullenix says:

      Hi Colleen, I just want to say I love your books so much! Each book is a work of art and they’re just beautifully written. But I do have a question though (I ‘m sure many people have asked this already), what are the plans for the movie? I’m just really excited to see these wonderful characters come to life. It’s a long shot that you’ll read this message since you’re probably so busy, but if you do read this I’ll be very happy. Keep up the amazing work, and hope one day that you can sign one of my books (I hope that’s not too much to say).

      p.s: I’m sorry if that was a lot to read. 🙂

      • Thank you! Seeing my characters come to life on the big screen is something I very much look forward to myself. It’s still a possibility but so far it’s moving very slowly. Keep your fingers crossed with me and let’s hope it will happen. I can always send you book plates if you live too far away. Write me at and we’ll email you on how to get them.

    176. Žiga says:

      Dear Colleen. Im from Slovenia, thats in Europe amd ive read your books before they were even translated to my language. I have them at home and i have been waiting for news about the movie since forever. I just want to thank you for writing such amazing series. My father of 75 years also read the books and asks me when is the movie coming out. We both have our fingers crosses cuz we know the movie will be amazing. Thank you again. Greetings from Slovenia.

    177. Ambika G. says:

      Oh my gosh I am literally DYING waiting for a movie to come out- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread Tiger’s Curse and the whole series. Hopefully we see a wonderful cast (VERY excited to see Ren & Kishan hehe.)

      Thanks for writing such phenomenal books! The series is literally my all-time favorite of mine. Tons of love from a fellow bookworm. <3

    178. Carolina N. says:

      The Lion King “Live Action” and The Jungle Book are really paving the way for Tiger’s curse. I am very excited to see everything come together, and wait eagerly for the franchising to begin. J.K Rowling is coming to an end, and Colleen will hopefully be taking the plate!

    179. Alex Anderson says:

      These books were such an amazing part of my adolescence and I so hope the production on this film gets past the difficult early stages. The world doesn’t know how much it needs this movie. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful series, Colleen!

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