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  • Pack Your Bags! {A Contest}

    February 1, 2014

    If you could have an adventure with a handsome (or beautiful!) stranger, where would you go?

    I love looking around on Pinterest at the beautiful places around the world. There are so many and I will not be able to visit them all in my lifetime. Colleen takes us on some fantastic journeys throughout her books. Deep in the Indian forest to temples to fantastical realms like Kishkindha onto a private yacht in the Ocean — and Egypt in her next book!

    Let’s take a look within the United States — St. Louis! There’s this city museum there. I’ve never been but I hear it’s amazing. They have tons of slides!! Slides for all ages. There is at least one that is a 10-story corkscrew!!


    There are so many gorgeous waterfalls. I positively adore waterfalls. Here is Multnomah Falls in Oregon. This is probably the only place I’ll show that I’ve actually been too!!


    Waterfall Island, Alto Parana, Paraguay. Simply stunning.

    Provence, France. Don’t you just love their markets and cafes?

    Marble Caves in Greece. Mother Nature continually stuns me!

    Derry County, Ireland– A Fairy Path


    Or travel off to Thailand and visit their floating market!

    These are just a small fraction of some of the wonderful world of Earth! You can check out my Pinterest board, Take Me Traveling, for more places if you are looking to day dream longer.

    But don’t leave yet!! I’ve got a different kind of eye candy for you now.

    If you could have an adventure with a handsome (or beautiful!) stranger, who would it be?

    Tom Hiddleston? He is such a gentleman. Did you know that he actually auditioned for Thor instead of Loki? They say he was a great Thor but he was The Perfect Loki.

    A little George Clooney for ya. Yummmm got a little scruff going on there!


    Emma Watson — I just love her! My husband didn’t love her short hair but he’s just a sucker for long hair.

    I can’t resist posting some David Tennant. My daughter (4yo!) was terribly sad when we moved on from the tenth doctor. I know there’s some Whovians out there!


    When I asked my husband for a suggestion on the female side he said “well…. my co-worker likes Jennifer Lawrence a lot” and I’m guessing he’s not the only one.

    When I asked one of my sisters, she said Misha Collins. Not just an actor, Misha does a ton of charity work. I love that in celebrities!

    I could go on… but now I want your answers! Answer these questions for our VERY FIRST giveaway on Colleen’s new website!


    • Giveaway closes on Friday, February 14, 2014.
    • Winner receives a prize pack. International winners receive a VISA gift card.
    • Please send any questions to me at

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    71 Responses to Pack Your Bags! {A Contest}

    1. Katherine Beaulieu says:

      I’m not too sure if this is where we should leave our answer but if I were to go anywhere in the world I would go to Greece, among the ruins of ancient temples and I would go with (if he were real…) REN!!
      Love the new website Colleen!

    2. Ashley McClure says:

      I would love to visit Madrid Spain. I have always loved the Hispanic culture. I took Spanish as my elective language in high school even though I no don’t remember all of it (if you don’t use it…). I would like to meet Bruno Mars. I am no where near the league of girls he would normally take an interest in, but I love his music, think he is a cutie, and would love to learn more about him.

    3. TaylorMG says:

      If I could have an adventure with a handsome stranger, I think I would choose Robert Downey Jr. Not only does he play my favorite superhero on the big screen, but I love how witty and sarcastic he can be even when he isn’t Tony Stark/Iron Man! <3
      ** Disclaimer: This is solely based on real life people. Handsome strangers from books are a WHOLE different story. 🙂 My handsome book stranger would be Kishan Rajaram. <3 <3 <3 **

      • TaylorMG says:

        And I would want to go to Scotland. I’ve dreamed about going to Scotland since before I can remember. My love for Scotland is inexplicable, but the setting for every story I write is somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. 🙂

    4. Nicole Jackson says:

      I would go all around England’s vast places of natural beauty, most particularly Aira Force in Ullswater. It is located in the county of Cumbria and has breathtaking paths of scenery and wildlife. I would love to take David Tennant and John Barrowman with me, the banter alone between them and I would ensure a great time and a lovely date.

    5. Lucy B. says:

      If I could go anywhere in the world with a stranger, I’d most likely go to Costa Rica because of the nature there. As for the stranger, I honestly don’t know. There are to many to choose just one. 🙂

    6. Caitlyn S says:

      A vacation with a beautiful stranger? I want to go on a Mediterranean cruise with Colin O’Donoghue! All the beauty of the ocean, a handsome man with an amazing accent… 🙂

    7. Sarah Scott says:

      I didn’t know where to submit this so I’ll do it here.
      If you could have an adventure with a handsome (or beautiful!) stranger, who would it be?

      Well, of course I’d want to take a whole bunch of people to see wonderful places. If I had to choose a place I would choose something that mother nature created. It amazes me seeing that the Earth formed such beautiful places that can take your breath away. The marble caves in Greece or the Waterfall Island in Paraguay seems like the place I would go. The handsome (or beautiful) stranger I would take would be David Tennant. You caught me, I’m a whovian, as much as I would love to go on adventures with The Doctor, David Tennant is a wonderful person. Of course I would take everyone if I could. I love seeing people smile, not like a casual smile that you see everyday in pictures. I mean I genuine smile, when the persons eyes just shine and they can’t help but to smile. I would love to see that in celebrities because they need to get away from everyone at least once in a while. David Tennant is a busy person, well he is The Doctor after all. So I would take David Tennant to the Marble Caves of Greece or the Waterfall Island in Paraguay.

      I hope this wasn’t so cheesy, I feel weird now.
      I was in the mood to write…

      • Kristen Brewster says:

        I love to go adventuring. I want to find a place of magic and wander deep into a forest. Ireland has always been pulling at the back of my heart, as well as Scotland. Southern and Central America though, in their jungles, man I would have the time of my life wandering and seeing volcanoes and waterfalls and caves.

        If I had to choose someone to go with, it would my cousin (and best friend). If it has to be an actor, it would be Tom Hiddleston. Such a gentleman he is, even in real life. I feel like he’d be up for adventuring.

    8. KarisC says:

      Tough question, but I’d have to say I’d either go back to Paris, France or I’d travel all through Scotland and Ireland with ………………Tom Sturridge. I don’t know why exactly but I think he would be a great companion 🙂

    9. Daisy R says:

      So many great places on your list. *adds them all to bucket list* For me, I would have to go to New Zealand. As for the handsome stranger? Either Aidan Turner or Dean O’Gorman. Gotta love an accent. Thanks for the contest.

    10. Serena H says:

      The one place I have always wanted to visit is Greece. I want to feel the sand between my toes as I walk along the bright white beaches and I want to walk through the ruins that hold so much history in them. I love mythology, especially Greek mythology, so that would be the first destination on my bucket list. The real person I would take with me would definitely be Harry Styles. Yes, I know that sounds immature but he has done more than you know to make my life better and I would love to get to know him personally. if I had to choose someone from a book I would choose Ren. I’m not lying when I say the Tigers Saga is my favorite book series. I have read each book at least ten times, so thank you for writing these books because without them I probably wouldn’t love to read as much as I do today.

    11. Nickole B. says:

      I’ve thought a lot about all the different places to visit. And one day I may get lucky to visit most of them.
      The one that is most stuck in my mind is Angels Falls in Venezuela.
      To be able to hike all the way up, or if a transport of some kind is offered, and look over the edge to see the water dance in the wind changing colors.
      That would have to be a very breath taking moment.
      As for who I would take. There are quite a few people that strike my fancy, but if I had to choose it would be Leo DiCaprio.
      I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time and I believe he is a very handsome man.
      To learn the inner workings of his mind would be absolutely enthralling.
      He still is a normal guy after all, but I digress.
      The falls would be a very beautiful place to be. Even if no one comes along, it would still be worth it to see the sun hit the flowing water as it cascades to the floor below.

      Coley =^w^=

    12. Tonya Cool says:

      There are so many beautiful places I would love to visit I loved the fairy path that you mentioned but I think I love the Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives a little better. It looks so beautiful and romantic 🙂 As for who I would love to take that is an even bigger challenge I think I would to love to take Misha Collins or Jensen Ackles I love them both on supernatural. I also believe if it were possible I would love to take Paul Walker (rest in peace) I loved the charity he started.
      Thanks for the contest and the chance to win!

    13. Vida says:

      I would love to go to the great pyramids of Egypt. As for who I’d love to go with oh my that is such a hard choice because I doubt I’d pay much attention to what I’m there to see.

    14. Maysoon K. says:

      If you could have an adventure with a handsome (or beautiful!) stranger, who would it be?

      The place I would want to be in while having this adventure would be Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. The handsome stranger, in my opinion, would be Alex Pettyfer.
      I love castles. There is no other way to say it. I. Love. Castles. I love the whole idea of fairytales, going through struggles but living happily ever after. I love the idea of meeting your prince charming and I love the idea of LOVE. Of being in love, so, so madly in love… It’s a beautiful thing. And what more represents fairytales and love than castles?
      The Neuschwanstein Castle is surrounded by tall, snow-covered mountains.The castle looks enchanting and would be absolutely perfect for me and Alex Pettyfer. The adventure would be along the lines of myself living there as a princess who would never be allowed to move over the boundaries of the castle. Then my castle would be attacked on by invaders. I would have to leave immediately to keep myself safe and Alex Pettyfer would be there to accompany me and bring me to safety. We’d have to hike the treacherous mountain that is behind the castle and all the while, fall in love…
      So, yeah. Alex Pettyfer would be my beautiful and handsome stranger that would accompany me on this amazing adventure in Germany.

    15. Kayla Despres says:

      I would love to just travel the world and see all I could see. However, if I had to choose one place, I would go to New Zealand. It’s a country of multiple faces…landscapes of vast green fields to volcanic mountains. If you want to be in a place touched by god and that will take your breathe away…this would be it!
      Now who to take with is a harder question. My mom is my best friend and I would never want to exclude her from an adventure, but you asked about a handsome stranger. I judge men on many levels and have yet to meet “the one”. So to pick among the bold, beautiful and rich, there is one I would love to meet, and that is Mr. Henry Cavill. Not only is he a beautiful specimen of a man, but it would be great to get to know someone famous instead of just imagining.

    16. Jaime Lewis says:

      If I could have an adventure with a handsome (or beautiful!) stranger, I would want to go to Paris, France. The reason I chose Paris is because both my first name and my last name before I was adopted are French in origin. Jaime (I love) and LaRue (the street). Nothing would make me happier than to be able to take all of my friends and there special someone’s on the trip with me. After all what better city than the city of love to take your special someone? The real question would be who my own special someone would be? There are so many wonderful candidates that I think would be so much fun and such wonderful companions. Still if I only had to pick one handsome stranger, I would have to choose Acheron Parthenopaeus.

    17. Emma Caisley says:

      I would go to Santorini, it is an island off the coast of Greece. I would go because it looks really awesome and it is the setting of one of my favourite books. I would want to go with Ian Somerhalder because if the book series got made into a movie he would be the perfect person to play my favourite character Phoenix! 😀

    18. Mariana perez says:

      If I could go on an adventure anywhere….. I would go to Venezuela, and visit the Salto Angel waterfall. It is a spectacular waterfall and the wild life around it is stunning. I wouldn’t go with a handsome stranger because I’ve already met my handsome stranger. We’ve been together for 7 years and have a beautiful 4yo son. How’s that for a wonderful vadventure? 🙂

    19. G.C. says:

      I would want to travel to Greece. From what i have read it seems beautiful. It would be amazing to see all the sculptures and artwork, travel through Athens, see the Parthenon, look at all the landscapes, and maybe get some good seafood. As for the handsome stranger I think id go with Joseph Gordon Levitt because he is hilarious and seems like great company

    20. Allison says:

      I would go to the ocean planet of Kamino with Ewan mcgregor. Nobody said the place had to be on earth 😀 id choose kamino because I love the ocean and the creatures in it fascinate me. And I chose Ewan because. Well hes obi-wan kenobi. Thats attractive and we would go on fantastic adventures 😀

    21. Alice says:

      I would go to Cagayan de Oro, Philippines to visit my best friend who moved there about a year ago. I would bring Niall Horan with me so that my best friend can meet him. Niall is her favorite celebrity and I think she would love it if I was able to come visit and if I brought Niall with me.

    22. Camille Silva says:

      If I could have an adventure with a handsome, or beautiful stranger I would choose Ross Lynch because I love his music, he’s really funny and seems very down to earth, besides the fact that he’s super attractive.
      Where we would go is a much harder question to answer, because there are so many places around the world that I would like to visit. India has always been on the top of my “Must Visit” list though, so I guess I would go there. Indian Culture has always fascinated me, one of the many reasons I love Tiger’s Curse, and to be able to go there would just be amazing. It would be really cool to visit all the temples and historic sites, maybe even go during the time of a festival and get to experience one. But more than that I would love to serve there and volunteer at an orphanage or something and help out the people there. Plus, it would be amazing to get to visit all of the places where Tiger’s Curse takes place.

    23. Jessica says:

      I would go to Hawaii again but this time I would take my family along. My kids have been asking when we will get to go there again because they want their first plane ride experience. We will go, we just have to pay off our debt first and then save up for the trip. So maybe in 5-7 years we can go. Nice revamped website by the way, looks great!

    24. Lily says:

      I would love to walk around Hawaii and just take in the beautiful wildlife and plantlife. And, Matthew Lewis would be awesome to go with. What can I say? Neville is amazing.

    25. Michelle says:

      I would love to be swept away on the Southern Italian coast. My husband is my love in fantasy and reality. Yet, this Jason would be relaxed with no cares and time to discover a new world, new foods, and a new version of his love.

    26. Lisa Masterson says:

      I would love to visit Japan….or Egypt (but i dont think i could handle the heat well :P) and if i could i would bring Ren or Kishan……..(sighs….but that’s only in my imagination at this point).

    27. raychel Smith says:

      I have always been fascinated with India (even before the tigers curse books) it is so mystical and mysterious. if I had to bring someone it would have to be my dad (we are always up for a new adventure).

    28. Andrea says:

      If I could go where I wanted to go
      and see what I wanted to see,
      and if i could take my favorite of all faces,
      the world just might end in delight for me.

      If I had a ticket bent in one hand
      to step into the pastoral splendor of northern England,
      I’d surely take my husband sweet
      and with him my adventure meet.

    29. Christina Munoz says:

      I would like to visit parts of Japan, and other parts of Asia first with Ben Barns then finish up visiting La Madre Partía España, Spain where my ancestors are from.

    30. Alejandra says:

      I would love to travel to Barcelona, Spain! It would be an amazing experience to see the beautiful architecture and get to know the culture of Spain. I would love to travel with Kishan OR Jennifer Lawrence because both are very charismatic and love to have a good time with friends and family. Spain is at the top of my list BUT there is so more places I want to visit when I get older and see the diversity around the world. Just to name a few India (duhh), France, Australia, and Chicago (where Divergent was filmed).

    31. Samantha Burt says:

      I would love to go visit England to be able to visit all of the history that is in that country. I would love to visit England with Ren. Since we both have never been we both could explore England together and find out its secrets.

    32. Kassie says:

      If I could go anywhere with Christopher Eccleston, I would either go to Fiji because after completing a full itinerary and trip plan for my politics class it actually seems like a beautiful place to go and visit, the beaches, the activities, everything! Or I would (if I could) Would go to the planet of Ood. I already love snow and I would love to if I could listen to the song of the Ood, I also think it would be cool to meet and learn from the Ood! I think that either place would be fun to go to and visit and I would love to take the time to get to know Christopher Eccleston as he was in my opinion the BEST Doctor!!

    33. Meli Martin says:

      I believe I would want to go to all the places that Colleen showed to us in the books while i was reading them i was so amazed all the places i want to see them all!

    34. Kate McNaught says:

      If i could go anywhere i would go to the ancient temples in india with Kishen (if he were real!) just to get a feel and understanding of the tiger curse setting, and because it would be almost perfect to visit india!!!

    35. Dennise De La Cruz says:

      I would simply love to escape to the Malaysia or Japan. Malaysia’s beaches are absolutely gorgeous! And the caves found around that area are stunning. Japan has always seemed beautiful to me. The Cherry Blossoms are a sight to see. The temples are so culturally rich and preserved. I also wouldn’t mind if Chris Pine accompanied me in this trip to the beauties of this world.

    36. Rebecca says:

      If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go wherever the wind takes me.
      “Anywhere” is just as exotic and breathtaking as “Somewhere”.
      I come from a traveling background, and although I’m only 17 I have traveled most of the world!
      The most recent was an entire year in Central America (and I mean ALL of it, every single country and then some!) traveling in a van and taking boat trips to volcano islands, seeing Mayan Ruins, old civilisations and old fishing villages.
      It has shown me that no matter where you go, there are amazing things at every twist and turn.
      As for the WHO (haha), I would go with Matt Smith. Although I love David tenant, I love Matts long, silky hair. And he is hot in an awkward nerdy way. Oh be still my beating heart!

    37. Leslie H says:

      If i were to go on an amazing adventure with a handsome stranger, we would totally go to Ireland the landscapes there are beautiful! ( even tho i love the culture in India) and i would go with Gerard Butler. I fell in love with him as an actor when i first saw Phantom of the Opera. oh dang it I just thought of Pierce Brosnan as a potential stranger too! If i could have both I would be happy… but i guess ultimate choice is Gerard Butler!

    38. Maya says:

      If I could go anywhere…..I’d go back to China. I’ve only been once, and I am Chinese and the history and cutlure is fasinating. But I love travelling so it’s a really hard decision for me…. I guess it would make more sense for me to go somewhere I haven’t gone before…? 😛 If I could go with anyone I’d go with a fictional character *Cough cough Ren* But since I can’t 😉 I think Ellen DeGeneres would be hilarious to go with.

    39. Shelly says:

      I want to go to Ireland. I’ve always been interested in the folklore and traditions over there but have never had a chance to go. Really any where in Europe would do with all the history there.

      The one other place I would love to see is Australia. I have friends who visited there and loved it.

      Another handsome man for you, though I don’t know his name off the top of my head, is the guy who plays Loki. He’s very handsome in a bad boy kind of way.

      David Tennent is my Doctor!

    40. Ciara O'Connell says:

      Its always been my dream to have some sort of fantastical adventure in Japan. I would love to travel throughout Japan and see different sights in Okinawa, the Oyashima islands, Hokkaido and of course Tokyo. The whole culture is so rich and interesting that being able to have an adventure there would definitely be one of the most interesting for me. If I had to pick a Japanese male to go on the adventure with, I would probably pick Miura Haruma… because I mean he’s just absolutely gorgeous! And if it had to be American/Canadian I would choose either Josh Hutcherson or Liam Hemsworth, who are both just make-you-melt-into-a-puddle-of-goop worthy.

      And of course if it didn’t have to be someone who was famous, I would love to go on an adventure with my super nerdy, but adorable boyfriend, Alex. <3

    41. Morgan says:

      If I could visit any country in the world, it would honestly be India. After reading Tiger’s Curse and learning about all the beliefs, customs, temples, the people, and the details of the animals and landscape I just fell in love with the idea of visiting India one day. As to who I would bring, I would bring my best friend, Sharon. We’re both seniors in high school and are graduating in a few months. She introduced me to the saga. We both have an eye for an adventure and traveling! We would both love to experience a once in a lifetime chance to visit this beautiful country! (And she would absolutely love Tom Hiddleston! Biggest fan I know!)

    42. Erica Price says:

      I would visit Florence Italy 🙂 I don’t know if I would travel with a stranger but I would love to travel there with my husband!

    43. Ashly G says:

      It it impossible for me to choose just one place to go, because there are so many beautiful locations in the world and so many areas with legends about them. All over the world there is beauty and history and wonderful animals, it is utterly impossible for me to pick just one. But if I could tour the Eastern Hemisphere that might work, I’d get Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand….. almost everywhere. 😀
      A handsome stranger?…..I don’t watch a lot of movies, mostly animated ones (I watch a little girl during the week).
      But– there is an a character in a TV show…. Charming from Once Upon A Time.
      ……Wellll, he’s my current favorite…. I have gone through a lot of characters while I have been trying to write this. I bet that as soon as I post this, I’ll think of someone else.

      [By the way, Thank you for the contest!]

    44. Maria says:

      I would go to Russia or Egypt. I would go with…oh gosh there’s so many people I would want to go with but I would have to say Justin Timberlake or Dalton Rapattoni from IM5.

    45. Emilia Deslippe says:

      I see myself inParis with a handsome stranger….or a good man who’s not handsome, but worthy of my love.
      Or with my best friend, seeking handsome strangers, together.
      Just thinking about handsome strangers is a trip in itself.
      I’d love to see live it though.

    46. Rachel says:

      I would definitely go to Italy! Specifically, to the Casa di Giulietta, because I almost love Romeo and Juliet as much as the Tiger’s Curse! I would go with Ramin Karimloo, West End and soon-to-be Broadway star because he is unfairly handsome and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard!!

    47. Hannah says:

      I would go the Paris France with Nick Jonas, because I’ve always wanted to go to France and I’ve always wanted to meet Nick Jonas.

    48. Kylie Clayton says:

      I married my handsome stranger twenty years ago, and we look forward to exploring the Earth’s picturesque and beauty spots in the future once our brood have left us for their own adventuresWhile I love all of the places mentioned I’d love to visit Zanzibar, Tanzania. I love the sound of the name as it rolls off the tongue. As for picturesque and beautiful? Try googling some of these spots; Stone Town, the isola Nakupenda Beaches or the Mtoni Palace Ruins. One of the tourist ‘draw cards’ which caught my attention was a turtle/tortoise being hand fed greens. For now it is but a dream, yet it sustains my hope that someday I will visit this wonderful place so rich in beauty, culture and history.
      (But if I had to pick a stranger? Bradley Cooper; he has a Masters in French, two rescue dogs – both old now, and a children’s charity where he volunteers on weekends. Plus his favourite hobby apparently, is eating, what’s not to enjoy in a companion like that?)

    49. Alicia Tierney says:

      I would LOVE to go to Alaska! I would me sooooooo thankful to stay in a glass roof igloo under the northern lights!!! With…. Well if Ren was not available…maybe Sam Claflin? I’m not sure if we had to pick one of yours or not so… if so… the marble cave in Greece with Jennifer (Just because she is hilareous and I would remember that trip forever!) Another option: That bridge in Paris that you tie notes to or Juliet’s wall in Veron! With Sam again! Thank you Colleen and Suki, you guys are soo fantastic!!! Love ya!

    50. Erica says:

      If I could go anywhere in the world with a handsome stranger I would go to Australia and check out the Great Barrier Reef! And I would do this with Damon Salvatore! (I know he’s a fictional character, but I just love him!)

    51. Jen Herd says:

      Colmar, France – Supposed to be one of the most picturesque Disney-like villages in the world!

      Who would I like to go with, you ask? There’s so many to choose from, but I wouldn’t mind Henry Cavill 😉

    52. Emma Hall says:

      If I could go anywhere…I would want to go to Rome. I am a huge history buff, and fascinated in Ancient cultures and their religions (one of the reasons I love Tiger’s Curse). And Ancient Rome is by far, one of my favorite civilization. I want to see the colosseums and eat Italian food. As for someone special coming with me, I want Chris Pine, who is one of my favorite actors (Imma treckie!). But then, hey, I can dream. Right?

    53. Susan Taylor says:

      If I could go anywhere in the world one of the first places I would choose would be Petra in Jordan. And I would love to take Aidan Turner with me as my handsome companion. I wouldn’t mind trekking around in the desert with Aidan at my side.

    54. Maddi says:

      If I could go anywhere with a beautiful stranger I would go to Bora Bora. I would just love relaxing and exploring the beautiful island!! I would go with David Boreanaz – since Ren and Kishan aren’t available.

    55. Tea la says:

      I would travel to Greece to study Greek mythology. PERCY JACKSON FANS! haha. I love to learn about the gods and goddesses of Olympus. I would go with- obviously- REN! As u can see my life practically surrounds around books! never stop writing Colleen! looking forward to Tiger’s dream and Your Egyptian book. Ps I love that silly kind of romance where they fight to so now im having my fan girl moment! love the new site!

    56. Grace Love says:

      I would love to go to Atacama Desert in Chile to see the stars. I’ve heard they look beautiful there. I would love to go there with Ren. Also since he’s so poetic he could write about the gorgeous stars.

    57. Katelyn says:

      If i could go on an Adventure I might choose Japan. Though I try to live every day as an adventure I have yet to travel out of the country, and after reading your books I’ve been majorly looking into India and all of its beautiful landmarks and open areas. Japan still holds a special place in my heart, all of the traditions and foods they serve. That paired with the wonderful traditional fashion (as well as the funky new modern fashion) it just seems like a beautiful place to visit…. Walking under the Sakura trees in full bloom would just be magical…
      As for going with a handsome stranger I can’t say for sure who that would be… Maybe i could bump into someone on the journey. It’s all a part of what keeps the mystery alive! 🙂

    58. Shenna says:

      I’m so glad David Tennant made your list! He’s definitely at the top of mine! I would go to New Zealand again…or anywhere in the South Pacific. I spent 4 months there on a study abroad program 12 years ago, and I’ve been dying to go back!

    59. Maggie says:

      I think I would go to the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls…. I also hope I would be brave enough to swim in the notorious Devil’s pool. I am a little apprehensive about heights. I also think it would be so amazing to go on a safari while I was in Africa…… I think I would love to share the experience with a rugged outdoorsy type of man. I think Kishan was definitely this type.

    60. Sarah says:

      I would visit abandoned mansions and castles in Denmark. There are tons of theme in different states of abrupt leaving. From the pictures, some have plates and toys still out. These buildings are testaments to how much time stands still and the power of nature over human industry. And thinking about the lives of these people. Its magical to see these pictures, but in real life it would all be so surreal.

      I would love to either go with some deep brooding writer type that I meet in my travels. But if I had to pick somebody specific, I would go with Sam Winchester from Supernatural. He is deep and quiet and understands everything. He could protect me on the way but would share in the quiet wonder of everything. It doesn’t hurt that he is beautiful and could protect me ghosts in case they become violent.

    61. Maggie says:

      I think I would go to the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls…. I also hope I would be brave enough to swim in the notorious Devil’s pool. I am a little apprehensive about heights. I also think it would be so amazing to go on a safari while I was in Africa…… I think I would love to share the experience with a rugged outdoorsy type of man. I think Kishan was definitely this type. The real guy I would choose would be Misha Collins…… I love his blue eyes…… They remind me of Ren. Misha is truly a good guy to with a heart for others.

    62. Ana Barrios says:

      There are so many places I’ve always wanted to travel to, but if I have to pick one place, I would love to go to Italy. I’ve always been fascinated by the many architectures and famous landmarks there, as well as to have a chance of eating the food there! 🙂 I would love to see the museums and see famous artworks there because I’ve always been interested in Art and I want to study Art as another major. My first major is English and visiting Italy would be a great experience so that I can take many photographs and the trip could give me ideas for stories. I would not go to Italy with a stranger, but instead, with someone who I care about. I would go to Italy with my mother because she deserves to go on a vacation after all the hard work she has been doing in taking care of the house for many years. Sometimes, she can drive me crazy, but I think that’s what all mothers and daughters do to each other: drive each other crazy! My mother had always wanted to go to Italy and I hope that someday we’ll be able to go there soon and have a mother-daughter vacation. I believe a trip to Italy will be relaxing for her since she sometimes gets a bit stressed out if she has too many things to do. I do my best to help her out and I hope we’ll be able to travel to Italy so that way we can explore the city and have fun, too.

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