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  • Movie Announcement

    January 27, 2014

    June 1, 2011

    Announcement from producer Raffi Kryszek on the Facebook Fan Page

    Hey TC fans!

    I can’t stay online long but I just wanted to say a few words and give as much of an update as I can on the film adaptation. There will even be a little sneak-peak treat at the end.

    First off let me just say how grateful we are at Ineffable Pictures that Colleen has given the world the Tiger Saga. Although most people have only read the first book or two, I can tell you first hand that each book only gets better!!!

    As for the movie adaptation, all I can say right now is that the development process is well on its way and it’s going to be BIG!!! Unfortunately I can’t say more since we are in the middle of developing elements that have not been finalized. Besides, you guys know you love the suspense.

    What I can say is that we completely understand and love all of you, the TC fans, so we will make information available to you as soon as possible. Be sure to follow Colleen on twitter (@ColleenHouck) for the mostup-to-date information about the movie.

    It’s also going to be our intention to include the fan base as much as possible in the development of the film, so stay tuned to @ColleenHouck for upcoming polls and surveys where you can provide your input on actors, writers, and filmmakers.

    Now before I go I want to leave you with a little treat. Our artists have been hard at work on some top-secret concept art for the film. But now for the first time I’d like to officially unveil one of the pieces of concept art. Just go to our website ( and see it on the home page. I hope you all like it.

    Now if you haven’t already done so, go purchase Tiger’s Quest!!!!

    Raphael Kryszek

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    72 Responses to Movie Announcement

    1. Kaitlin Rust says:

      I was wondering if you were to do movies for all 4 (5) books? Or combining all together in one movie since there was no indication for further films. Thanks!

    2. Hannah Campbell says:

      What year will the first Tiger’s Curse movie be released and will there be any real tigers to play the tiger forms of Kishan, and Ren?

    3. Elizabeth says:

      Do you know when the cast for Tiger’s Curse will be released? Also if the movie will come out in 2015 or 2016 or something?

    4. Jordan says:

      When will we know the actors playing our truly beloved characters? I have been dying to know ever since I found out there would be a movie made from these amazing books!

      • Yes the books are translated into French. To find one, check out the international books section on my blog. Not sure how movie translations work but I would assume so, yes.

    5. Natalie says:

      I really want to know if this is true and I love your books so much can’t wait to read reawakend and tigers dream. And I think Emma Roberts would play a great Kelsey and the actor for ren must have blue eyes all I’ve seen on YouTube was ren with brown eyes. The secnary should be beutiful all junggle and full beutiful flowers and.the place were ten lives in the book I picture a big place in front of the jungle with a gigantic pool in the back. Just some thoughts what the movie would be like. And please tell me when the release date is and chosen actors. Can’t wait to see the movie. Hope it’s like the book and very big fan and liked picturing the scenery in the book thank you hope my questions are anserwed bye😜😁.

      • Shara Lane says:

        Hi Natalie,

        Colleen is on tour in Brazil right now, but we didn’t want to leave your questions unanswered. We give updates on the movie news, and there is a Tiger’s Curse movie page on Facebook that keeps us updated as well. They have a director and are working on a cast and locations right now. We get rare but exciting updates, and we share them as soon as we can. I agree that a lush jungle, brilliant blue eyes, and a gigantic pool in the background would make me happy too. Thanks for writing.

    6. Natalie says:

      Do they have a location and cast members yet and when do you think when they will realese it?🎥📼💿📀💽😗😃😄

    7. natalie says:

      i want to know if kealsy is going to be played by lily collens or emma robberts and ren. also when will the cover of the next egyptian book come out and tigers dream. thankyou.

    8. natalie says:

      i hope you can come to orlando to introduce your new book recreated. we also have Disny. but it would be amazing if you can visit the sunshine state. i would love to meet you, i have been trying to get my mom to read the book but she is always busy, she did get through a couple chapters and she already loves it. i hope your new book will amazing just like the others. thank you. 🙂

    9. Tiffany Moana says:

      I am rereading the series a third time now. Completely obsessed is an understatement. I truly can’t wait for the movie to come out. You are an amazing author! Wish you could come to Hawaii for a book signing or reading. Or even vacation. I’d love to meet you! Really big fan here! I also love the reawakened series… my question is would there be a movie on that series too? Could there possibly be a new series? Truly love the way you use the mythology in these series! Sorry one last thing… where is the best place to get updates on the Tiger’s Curse movie? You’re a PURE GENIUS!!!

    10. Bruba says:

      Hi, Colleen. First of all I would like to say that I love your books very much and congratulate you for the incredible works that you create. I wonder if the film is still being produced and if we will have more news soon? We’re really looking forward to any updates on the cast or something … please just tell us if the movie is still in production … it’s taking so long to get some news out that many fans are scared the project has been abandoned. Please tell me if you are still working on the film and we will hear from you soon.

    11. Angel says:

      I’m a pisces so I love all things magical and romance. I just finished re-reading the series for the fourth time, I take my time reading the books always, to really enjoy it. Even if the movie doesn’t happen (which I pray it does) we’ll always have the books! I’m so excited to start reading Tiger’s Dream as well. Love your books! They always make me forgot my problems!

    12. Tessa says:

      Hi Colleen
      I was just wondering if there were any updates on the movie. I am new to the series and it has been so amazing! Is there a publish date/year when you are planning to have it go to theaters? I love your books, and thank you for reading this!

      • Never say never. The option is still ongoing which means there’s a chance. In the meanwhile, I’m going to check out the Aladdin movie. The tiger looks really cool!

    13. Maggie says:

      You should listen to a song by Our Last Night it is called White Tiger. If the movie is still happening it would be cool to see it in there somewhere.

    14. Haley says:

      Hi Colleen,

      I have re-read the Tiger’s Curse Series many times over and fall more in love with it each time. I don’t know how I did not realize that a fifth book had come out for it. Though now that i’m back home for summer break from university, I do what I always do and began re-reading the series and looking for possible movie updates. That is when I saw and immediately had the fifth book shipped to me and began reading the whole series over again. I refreshed and checked the location of the shipment I believe every hour until it showed up on my door step. I am just about finished the fifth book now and WOW. I just can’t put into words how amazing this series is. You have a brilliant mind and I thank you so much for creating a world that I can get lost in, wishing I had the chance for such a wild adventure of my own.

    15. Yorleni says:

      Hello Colleen, big fan of tigers curse. But is the movie really going to happen? Like it’s been 8 years since the “ three might be movie”. I would love to see your books on a movie.

      • Hi Yorleni. The books are still contracted so it’s still a possibility. These things sometimes take a while. For every movie that gets made quickly, there are a dozen that take decades so I’m not giving up hope. =)

    16. Yorleni says:

      Hello Colleen, big fan of tigers curse. But will there be a movie ? Because it’s been 8 years since the “ movie coming out(probably)”. I would love to see your books on movies.

    17. Shelby says:

      But I definitely think when they cast, they must cast Lily James as Kelsey, she would be perfect, sweet, yet strong!! Just watch her in pride and prejudice!
      She was perfect!
      I’m hoping for the movie to come out!!!!!
      Great job making such a great book series!!!!!

    18. Brico says:

      Hi Colleen. I just finished the tiger’s saga and I found it amazing! I was wondering (and I have seen many answers) is there’s a movie coming out? I know you probably won’t answer or have enough time to but please answer! You are such a writer and author! I can’t wait for your response. – Brico

      • Hi Brico, Thanks for reading! It’s been a while since we talked about movie plans. The tiger series is still under option and all of the same people are still attached so there is still a good possibility that something could happen at some point. I continue to keep my hopes high and my fingers crossed. =)

    19. Monique says:

      I wish the people in charge of the production knew how much of a fan base there is. I would literally see this movie in theaters as much as I could nonstop. I wonder if there’s a way to petition to get this thing started?

      • Thanks Monique, That’s a lovely thing to say. The people who are involved with the film rights are big fans too and are still pushing for it. Getting a new idea made into a movie is just a hard thing to do these days. We’re still hoping though!

    20. Amelie Kahl says:

      I really hope they move forward! With all the movies like crazy rich asians a look into the Indian culture and a big India cast would work so well in today’s society. I read the books when I was quite young around the time they came out in German for the first time. Currently reading them again in English and i’m very delighted that they are as good as my 14 year old self remember. Keep us updated and good luck! Your are a very talented writer

    21. Serena says:

      Hello Colleen,
      I have been a huge fan of the series since it came out on the nook, what, ten years ago?! My old username on your first website was Ms. Kishan, incase you might possibly remember some of my old posts? I even won one of those random little raffle games and you sent me a signed book mark that I cherished until I wore it so much to the point of it falling apart. I know you are constantly answering the same question about the movie so I know I just have to have patience when it comes to that…even though I spent literally all of my teen years obsessing over the series and anxiously waiting for any possible movie updates…but as Ren so perfectly stated, “A tiger without patience doesn’t get his dinner.” I have reread the books so many times in order, out of order, even from last to first, and have just started listening to the audible versions while I’m at work (stocking groceries in the middle of this pandemic) for the second time. I guess I’ll just keep checking back in every now and again to see if there are any new additions to the bonus material page…*crossing my fingers that we’ll get some new stuff soon*

      • Aw thank you so much for stocking groceries right now. That’s a big sacrifice and such a help. You should write me at and send me your mailing address and I’ll send you a new bookmark! I’m so glad you love the books. Did you know I worked in a grocery store myself for many years? I love grocery stores, especially around the holidays. I haven’t written tiger bonus material in a while. Did you get the new hardback editions of Tiger’s Dream? There is some new bonus material in there. Particularly part two. There’s a bonus chapter written in Anamika’s perspective. You see little glimpses of everyone in that chapter. It’s very sweet. A little teary actually.

    22. Kirre Sumner says:

      I really Loved the Tiger’s Cures series I have read them over and over again. I can’t get enough of them, so is there going to be a Tiger’s Cures series Movie? I am dieing to see it, it is killing me to know the Release date for the movie.

      • Hi Kirre, good to hear from you. We hope so. There’s no release date at this time but I still have some passionate readers out there who are pushing for it. It’s fans like you who will make it happen if it’s going to so thanks for keeping that spirit alive!

    23. Windy says:

      I just wanted to say, I love your book!! I went through some hard times and had to donate the books but this was the year where I was able to buy them all again! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! And although I really want a movie, I will say take you time since the later it’s made the better it may be for CGI effects and such. The books are great all on their own too so I will wait. I love tigers, I love chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, I love Jeeps, I love mystical legends, I love folklores stories, I love poetry, I love adventure…uh yeah to say I like these books is an understatement.

    24. Beth says:

      Hello, I love your books they are my favorite. So I came across a love song that is SO SO VERY MUCH Ren and Kelsey. It’s called White Tiger by a band Our Last Night.

    25. Geavanna says:

      Its 2020 and I am STILL WAITING on this movie! I’ve waited 10 years so far! I am obsessed with the books and always recommend them to my friends who love to read! Please give us a hint if you can of when you think this movie will be coming out, even a year or something??? The anticipation is killing me right now

    26. Beth says:

      Hello college I suggested the song White Tiger and I was curious if you listen to it yet cuz I would like to know what you thought?

    27. Jamie says:

      Hi Colleen I am a huge fan I recently bought the first and second book, I have already read the first one years ago and bought it to add to my collection of books and this summer I am going to be reading the second book.

    28. Abby Steen says:

      Hi Colleen!
      I, like many others have been waiting to hear about the movie! This is my 4th time rereading the series and was wondering if you could give us more information about the movie. Is the director still on board? Have you picked out actors? Have you started the script??? Thank you!!

      • Hi Abby, No actors yet. The same director is attached. The books are still under option and we’re still hopeful. That’s all I can share at this moment. Thank you so much for asking!

    29. Madi says:

      Hi Colleen! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve read the Tigers Curse series almost 10 times now and I can’t even put into words how much your books have inspired me to chase my own passion of writing and becoming an even more avid reader. Any word on a movie? Is there anything I as a fan can do to help with the movie process?

      • Hi Madi, Thanks so much for reading! That’s amazing that you want to write too. The books are still under option. Other than just talking up the books with other people and leaving reviews I’m not sure what more you or any other fan can do to help the process. Thank you for asking though! I’d sure like to see the story come to life on screen too.

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