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  • Ten Authors I’ve Met & Loved

    April 21, 2017


    During our lifetime we come to idolize those we hold in high esteem or those who make a change in our lives.  Some of those people are authors for me. As a young child I didn’t feel overly intelligent but my mom would take us to the library often during the summer.  I would read and reread the Dorrie the Witch books by Patricia Coombs. I can still remember the smell of those books and where they were located in the library.  Jump forward 20 years and I’m laying on the couch with a white trash can waiting for the next bout of nausea to hit which seemed to be on a twenty minute timer.  I was pregnant with my first child and the only escape I found besides sleep were the new novels by a British author named J. K. Rowling. I can remember the feeling of sitting at the wooden benches in the great hall, and going to potions classes with Rob, Hermione, and Harry while my pregnancy moved forward. One of these days I would love to meet these two women and thanks them for being a part of my life. 



    Being the younger sister of Colleen Houck has afforded me to meet some of my more recent idols.  So not only is she my favorite author, and the person that taught me, if I believed hard enough while jumping off the dresser onto the waterbed, that I could fly, but she is the kindest most generous person I know.  So here is my top ten authors I met & loved in no particular order.



    Colleen Houck manages to merge adventure with young love and it’s intoxicating.  She is not only a great author, but I’ve never met another author who gives as much time, prizes, and attention to her fans.  She is full of great ideas and I don’t think her well of talents will ever run dry. If you haven’t read her Tiger’s Curse series or her Reawakened series you are missing a great adventure and some entangling romances.




    Amy Plum is one of those people you just want to hang out with, her Die for Me series take you to Paris and I never wanted to leave.  I’ve always dreamed of  traveling to Paris and this book solidified my wish to visit and eat chocolate filled croissants while sitting outside a tiny  Parisian restaurant. Amy is so sweet in real life and she often brings little chocolate covered caramels from France as a treat for her fans. 





    Beth Revis has a talent for Sci-Fi.  Her Across the Universe series was addicting. You have alien planets, space ships, ruins, and some pretty scary alien birds. If you need a friend to go to a convention with to geek out with I think Beth is your gal.  She just finished writing a Star Wars book, and I’m so proud of her dipping her literary toes into the Star Wars universe. I’m pretty sure she will automatically get sent a sweet hot pink or teal colored lightsaber for being part of the family.




    Sophie Jordan is from Texas and she used to be a high school English teacher.  She writes so many books it’s hard to keep up.  She wrote the Firelight series, and if you like dragons you will love this series. Of course the dragons or draki are hunted and who better to fall in love with than someone who hunts your family.




    Bree Despain is the sweetest author I’ve ever met.  When she released her Dark Divine series  I remember her swag was little bottles of nail polish that matched her book covers.  So cute!  I actually used the coral colored one until it ran out.  One cool thing about her is that her family dresses up for Halloween in some awesome costumes.  If I remember correctly her husband is the genius behind the creation of those epic costumes.





    Stacey Kade is a dream to work with.  I have worked with Stacey and Colleen on a few convention projects and she’s a hard worker and wonderful author.  Did you know she used to be a corporate copywriter?  She wrote the Project Paper Doll series. 





    Page Morgan wrote the Wondrous and the Wicked series.  This is another series that takes place in Paris and later London.  There are gargoyles, enough said.  Page is sweet and you will never look at a gargoyle the same again.





    Sweet, sweet Amalie.  Colleen and Amalie almost always sit next to each other at conferences since the author’s sit alphabetically, and so I have spent many hours with her.  Amalie has written a lot of books but my favorite based how much I love the cover is Alpha Goddess.  If you like Indian mythology you will like this book.





    C.J Redwine has written the Defiance trilogy.  She’s is a strong woman and she writes strong women in her page turning books.  She loves the Avengers and would join their ranks. I can see some of her female characters like Lorelai from The Shadow Queen fighting alone side Black Widow and Captain America.  C.J is smart about how she runs her business as an author and I’ve learned a thing or two from her just listening to her at panels. 






    I’ve had dinner with Tera Lynn Childs while she and Colleen talked shop.  It awesome to sit with two such awesome authors and learn about the industry, publishers, and how they carve our success for themselves. Tera is tech savvy and my favorite series she wrote is the Sweet Venom series.  Tera is beautiful and has the prettiest blonde hair. Look for her and all of her awesome books at conventions.






    I’ve seen questioning faces turn to understanding as soon as I mention the books with the dresses.  So if you don’t know her by name you know her by her book covers.  Now if only the Bachelor and Bachelorette T.V. shows would take a page from Kiera’s books and add some adventure and less fabricated drama. Kiera’s books are fun, and she is fun.  I’ve chatted with her and listened to her at convention panels.  Since most of you have seen or read the Crown series, I’ll introduce you to another book she wrote that I just finished and loved titled The Siren.  If you think your life is difficult meet Kahlen who becomes a siren who has to do the bidding of the ocean.


    Is there an author that you have met or want to meet?



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    1. Natalie Arroyo says:

      Besides Colleen Houck, I’d like to meet Becca Flitzpatrick, author of the hush, hush series. Caroline Fyffe, author of the McCutcheon Family series. Sarah MacLean, author of The Season. I’ve been reading a lot of western romance books, so I’m sure there are a lot more authors I’d like to meet 😀

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