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  • Tiger’s Voyage Coming to Paperback & Contest!

    May 5, 2014


    The return of TIGER’S VOYAGE has come! Now, for the first time in paperback, Colleen Houck’s third novel in the TIGER’S CURSE  series is hitting the bookshelves everywhere.

    Tiger's Voyage_Cover

    Finally, we bring you the re-release of the third book in the gripping Tiger’s Curse series!

    With the head-to-head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her, Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak: in the wake of his traumatic experience, her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is. As the trio continues their quest by challenging five cunning and duplicitous dragons, Ren and Kishan once more vie for her affections–leaving Kelsey more confused than ever.

    Fraught with danger, filled with magic, and packed with romance, TIGER’S VOYAGE brings Kelsey and her two tiger princes one step closer to breaking the curse.

    “A book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.”- Franz Kalka

    It is time, whether it is for the first or the fifth, to step inside Houck’s visionary world rich with adventure, love, loss, and triumphs.


    green dragon IceDragon tigers voyage undersea water power craken


     This is an exciting time for fans both old and new and what better way to launch this news than with a contest! Here’s how it works, simly write a review on goodreads, check out Colleen Houck’s facebook page and click on like, and leave a comment below answering the following question, if you could step into the world of Houck’s Tiger’s Curse series, which book would you choose and why?  Five lucky winners will receive a signed collector’s edition of Tiger’s Voyage in paperback!

    Good luck everyone!

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    ~Till next time, Linda Louise Lotti


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    70 Responses to Tiger’s Voyage Coming to Paperback & Contest!

    1. Katarina says:

      I would step into Tiger’s Curse because I would like to see everything from the start. I also would love to experience everything in a new light the way Kelsey did.

    2. Emily G says:

      If I could live in any of the Tiger’s Curse worlds, I would pick living Tiger’s Voyage. Though that is not technically a world, I would love to travel with Kelsey and the boys experiences all the underwater worlds they encounter, like the White Dragon’s home in the Twilight Zone.

    3. Nichole Springer says:

      I would step into Tiger’s Voyage. I love both the sea and dragons. Plus, I am studying Hindi and Mandarin Chinese. It would be great to practice my Hindi with Tigers and Chinese with Dragons.

    4. Lindsey M. says:

      If I had the chance to step into the world of the Tiger’s Curse series, I’d want to live in the first book. That’s where the adventure first began. Everything was new. You get to experience India for the first time. You get to go through the cave. You see the magnificent Rajaram house for the first time. Plus, at this point, there’s no confusion as to which pillow to choose. Round or Square. Haha

    5. Rhea :) says:

      If I could step into one of the books from Colleen Houck’s amazing series of the Tiger’s Curse, I would have to pick the second book, Tiger’s Quest. Being able to step into any book of this series would be amazing because I would love to live in the world of the Tiger’s Curse series, but my most favorite is Tiger’s Quest. The second book focuses the most on Kishan and as a reader, you really get to see who he is and his side of the story. I have always loved Ren and Kells, but I loved Kishan more. He is a true warrior, a fighter, but us readers really get to see his more vulnerable side in this book. He may appear to be badass on the outside (which he is of course 😉 ) but he has a very emotional, vulnerability on the inside. This doesn’t take away from his warrior image, it just makes the reader want to connect with him and be that rock he can hold onto. Personally, I would love to step into this book because I would love to develop a relationship with Kishan. I would love to get to know him and be a rock for him.
      In addition to meeting Kishan, I would love to meet Kells too. When I first starting reading the Tiger’s Curse series, I immediately felt a connection to Kelsey. I knew that if I could meet her, she would be like my long lost sister. If I could jump into this book, she is by herself in the beginning of the novel. I could get to know her while also helping her get over her heartbreak of just losing Ren. By jumping into this book, I could develop a close sister relationship with Kells that might not have worked in any other book because helping her overcome a hardship creates a deep rooted relationship that is hard to forget. Overall, Tiger’s Quest would be my choice of the series to step into because I would meet Kishan and Kells and develop relationships with them that I possibly couldn’t in any other book.
      I really wish that I could actually jump into the Tiger’s series. That would be a trip of a lifetime 🙂

    6. Aislinn says:

      I would choose Tiger’s Quest. I absolutely adore when Ren and Kells are together again! It’s also, I think, the most heart-wrenching one because Ren is captured, and he loses his memory of Kelsie. But, Kishan should back off! Kelsie is Ren’s girl, no doubt about it!

      GO TEAM REN!!!

    7. Ana Betariz Pires says:

      If I could enter in the Tiger’s Curse world,I’d want to enter in the last book. The voltage is noteworthy. They are in the last step to break the curse and everything is dangerous and everything is confuse and one step wrong is the synonymous of a disaster. The voyage to the pass are so awesome, strange and crazy and the voltage increases in each chapter. That’s is my choice.

    8. Kelly Mica says:

      I would choose Tiger’s Voyage!! I chose this because this book had me so emotional! At time I was screaming (at it, or Ren!) are you crazy?! It had such a twist i didn’t see coming. It was such an adventurous book and kept me reading through the night. Absolutely love it.

    9. Kassie B says:

      If I had a chance to live in any of the Tigers Curse books, I would choose Tigers Quest mainly because I would want to sacrifice myself for Ren, he shouldn’t have had to have gone through so much torture! I was also fascinated with Shangri-La, the peace and reality that Noahs Ark was brought through in such a land, it was fabulous and I would love a chance to experience such a place ! I would also like a chance to sleep in The Grove of Dreams, because I think that having hits of the future in a dream would be something out of the hat of fantastic! I would also like to enjoy some quality time with the black tiger, because Kishan is someone I would love to have as a friend!

    10. Meg P. says:

      If I could step into the world of any book in the Tiger’s Curse series, I would want to be a part in the first book. Perhaps it is just the fact that the first book pushes you into the amazing world of adventure for the first time, but none of the other books contain the same amount of wonder Kelsey experiences. Here you embark to a rich new world for the first time, first meet Ren and Kishan, have an Indiana Jones moment, find a man you can call a loving grandfather when you felt lost and of course fall in love for the first time. What else could a girl want?

    11. Monica Flores says:

      If I could step into the world of the Tiger’s Curse series, I would love to live in the second book. I would have been at Rens side trying to coax him into visiting Kelsey sooner, and I would have tried to help Kelsey straighten her thoughts and feelings out sooner so both of them would not have needed to endure so much heartache. It would have been incredible to step right into the middle of their adventure and discover their incredible house, and meet the boys after they had developed so much since gaining time to see what life was like as a man again. I would have loved to meet Mr. Kadam and listen to his stories and all the vast knowledge that he has, and especially to talk about books. It would be so much fun to become good friends with Nilima and to talk about fashion and boys too. But most of all, I would want to meet Kishan. I would have loved to be at his side to help heal his broken heart, and to open up his eyes to see that the hope that there still is in the world. He is so handsome and I would have laughed so much due to his playful attitude. He deserves just as much love as Ren, and I would have given anything to be the friend that he needs, and to be the one he loves. It would have been the best experience to go on the quest with him and to just spend time with him, and to accept him as the wonderful man he is. I would have tried to give him the love he wants and needs. 🙂 <3

    12. Lizceth Hernandez says:

      If I had the chance to step into one of the Tigers series book I would choose the 1st book, Tigers Curse. On the 1st book is where all the magic happens, adventure begins, and Ren and Kelesy start to fall in love. I mean you get to go to India and met a wonderful man who can turn into a tiger. You can also experience the adventure and the love that Kelesy and Ren both have. From what I have read Mr.Kadam seems like the kind of person I would like to have a history lesson with. Last but not least, maybe I could get Kishan to fall in love with me 😉 hahaha

    13. Allison C. says:

      If I could step into the world of Tiger’s Curse, I would choose the second book. The world of the Silvanae is so peaceful that it makes you want to stay forever. You also get to learn more about Kishan, who is my second favorite character behind Ren. You get to see how devoted everyone is to finding Ren, which is endearing. All of the other books have wonderful stories, but I would definitely live in the second book, specifically with the Silvanae.

    14. Jordan T says:

      If I could choose which Tiger’s Curse book to step into, it would be the first one. The adventure is just beginning and I would love to experience all of the ‘firsts’ with each character, and to grow with them with every twist and turn. There’s something incredible about maturing and learning with close friends or comrades, sharing good times and bad times with one another. I’d also like to be friends with Kelsey specifically, as a female companion that would be there to talk to her. It was tough for her to sort through her feelings and struggles alone. Every heroine needs a gal pal!

    15. Te'a La says:

      Finally! I per ordered this book ages ago! But what I’m really exited for is Tiger’s Promise, Tiger’s Dream, and if their should so happen to be the first book re-written in Ren’s POV then you better watch out! (hint, Hint)

    16. Enna P. says:

      The first one! It’s where the entire series started and when we first meet the characters. You can’t skip to the middle or the end without knowing the struggles they had in the beginning.

    17. Cassandra Askelson says:

      This is the hardest question yet to answer. I honestly can’t pick a book. I would love to start from the beginning and be apart of every adventure and every part of all the books till the end. The growth of each character and how much you learn with them. The adventure and love shown in the books just pulls me in every time I read them and its just something I want to be in forever. I am so excited to see there is Tiger’s Promise and to know that Tiger’s Dream is still going to come out. Thanks you for such great books.

    18. Ace L. says:

      It’s honestly almost impossible to choose a book at all. I wish almost every day that I could go/live in the world of the Tiger, because all the books are so amazing! But, I do really like Tiger’s Voyage. It’s the most emotional one because Kells is torn between Ren and Kishan, and I love all the dragons, because that’s my favorite mythical creature of like all time. I think that in this book, it seems quite obvious that Ren is the pillow to choose. He did make some mistakes, but I mean with the golden fire, cosmic, and magical connection, he still seems to be the perfect one. Go team Ren! <3 <3 <3

    19. Gabrielle says:

      I would want to live in the first book. Because that’s where the adventure begins and you get to meet the characters and it was just amazing

    20. Kyrstin says:

      I would probably have to say Tiger’s Voyage because I loved reading about the dragons and their unique personalities. However, I also would like to visit the fairy village in Tiger’s Quest because the description of this mystical land seemed really peaceful and happy.

    21. Emily Devine says:

      I think I would like to go into the tigers voyage book because I think all the awesome dragon and boat scenes are very exciting and fun, I also love the scene with the kraken. then there is of course ren with no memory of Kelsey, most of it was heartbreaking to read but then her love for kishan begins to grow and that was exciting to experience, so tigers voyage would definitely be my choice.

    22. Blakely says:

      I would step into Tiger’s Curse because that is where the stage is set. You would get to witness Ren and Kelsey meeting each other and their first epic journey together.

    23. Kay says:

      If I could step into any book in the Tiger’s Series I would definitely choose the first one and watch how all the characters develop through time. Such as Kishan gaining his humanity and Ren meeting Kelsey. I love the different tasks they have to go through in effort to break the curse. Since I admire Colleen’s style of writing, I would gladly choose any book but the first will always be my favorite 😀

    24. Brianna Clay says:

      If I could travel to any one of the books, I would have to pick the first. Even though my favorite is the third, there is not anything like the beginning of a story. In the beginning, Kelsey is mostly alone, but then Mr. Kadam and Ren come in. They give you hope and excitement for a good adventure and a chance at a family. The adventure is so thrilling and crazy, and you get to be with a human form Ren the whole time! You get to explore India. (Which I have always wanted to do because I love to travel.) You also meet Kishan, who seems so deliciously dangerous ( I imagine a lot nicer version of a Damon Salvatore with gold eyes) for the first time. You get to fall in love with Ren, and he steals your heart away with his charm and poetry. (His total hotness is a major bonus too!)

    25. Xaviera says:

      If I could enter in the Tiger’s Curse world,I’d want to enter in Tiger’s Curse. The beginning of this fantastic series. I would want to experience Kelsey’s feelings as she meet Ren and Kishan, reliving what she saw, smelled and heard in India, especially in the temple. The idea of travelling and working at a circus excites me and makes me want to dive head first in the book. Seeing the development of the characters makes you want to enter the books even more, especially if you got the chance to fall in love with Indian princes…I mean who wouldn’t want that! Tiger’s Curse was the beginning of it all, and that’s the best experience one could have.

    26. Varnika says:

      I would love to step into the world of Tiger’s Voyage. I found the setting to be really interesting and I would love to meet the dragons (some more than the other 🙂 ). I would also like to see what my take would be on the challenges and tests set by the dragons, and what decisions I would make if I were in Kelsey’s place. I would love to see the underwater tunnel for myself, as long as nothing’s trying to eat me, and I would especially like to explore the Seventh Pagoda thoroughly. One of the many reasons I loved Tiger’s Voyage would be that I got to experience Ren falling for Kelsey all over again. While it would be devastating to go through all the heartbreak and painfully difficult decisions, the love from Ren and Kishan, as well as Mr Kadam and Nilima, plus the guidance from Durga, Lady Silkworm and Kaeliora would definitely help me get through it and make my Voyage worthwhile.

    27. Te'a La says:

      The first, I love Ren and that one focuses on him and Kelsey. I could all ready imagine being Kelsey! partly cause I do that on a daily basses! however I would kiss Ren right when he asked here to the first time! that part always get’s me. And I wouldn’t leave India either. Well maybe cause Kishan ruined it! Then I would take Ren with me!

      • Kieaira says:

        If i had to pick which book i would step into it would be the first, because that way i can meet everybody and get to know them more. I always dreamed when i was little that i would go on adventure and fine love on the way and when i read these books i felt like i was Kelsey and when i heard about ren i just fail in love with both of his half’s. The number one things i love about him is how caring, sweet, i love when he writes his things to make him self feel better, but most of all i love his eyes. I daydream about the book and what is going to happen in the next book and i hope the next book will answer my question.

    28. Katie Melssen says:

      I know we were supposed to pick one book, but they are all so good it is impossible. So I would have to go into all of them. Tiger’s Curse is where it all began so I would have to be where it all started. Then I would also have to visit Tiger’s Quest. I mean I am on team Kishan, so this book would be awesome to be in as well. I would love to meet Kishan, I just feel like he is so misunderstood. After that I would have to see the dragons in Tiger’s Voyage. I love dragon’s!! And of course Tiger’s Destiny. I mean who doesn’t love a happy ending and meeting a Goddess all in one trip. 🙂

    29. Veronica Giron says:

      I would love to enter into any of them, but the one that would be the most fun would Tigers Voyage, just the journey alone would be an awesome adventure, the scuba diving, and the mental challenges. Meeting dragons would awesome as well. Just reading them was like I was actually there. Love it.

    30. Christy @ Captivated Reading says:

      Oh my goodness this is such a difficult question!
      I could pick any one of the books for various reasons!

      Okay, narrowing it down, I’m going to have to go with Tiger’s Curse. This is based solely on the fact that I’m afraid of heights and water and I DESPISE the heat. Therefore, that leaves me with Kishkindha.
      Now, there are some terrifying aspects to Kishkindha, as well, but for me it was the lesser of the evils.

      But, I would also like to see the happily ever after, so Tiger’s Destiny would be a close second–fire or no fire. 😉

    31. Ashley Allensworth says:

      Of all but the last book at certain points, Tiger’s Voyage is my favorite. I love Kelsey and all of her antics, how she tries to stay faithful to Kishan all while growing closer to Ren accidentally, in the lairs of dragons!

    32. Madeline M. says:

      All of the books have great worlds, but I would have to go with is Tiger’s Voyage. I would want to go into Voyage because of the dragons and the adventures that the characters go through. With Voyage, I would get to punch Randi in the face. I mean, i’m not violent, but she is super annoying and got on my nerves so much. Nevertheless I really like the challenges the dragons set forth. The one that sticks in my mind really well is when Kells, Kishan, and Ren went scuba diving. That would be really fun- minus the kraken.

    33. Jamie says:

      I would go into the Tiger’s Voyage book. I would love to see dragons, live in that boat, and scuba dive with such amazing creatures. I have already dived with sharks, but giant jellyfish and two hot guys would be even better. In addition, I love the moment when Ren gets his memory back, and you don’t know what’s going to happen.

    34. Mary Ann says:

      I absolutely love all of the Tiger’s Series, it’s almost impossible to choose which one is best. Scratch that, it is impossible! They’re all so amazing! I’ve actually written a few poems about the books, mostly haikus, which I think will help me explain how much I like each one. The first 4 are written in Kelsey’s POV, and the last one is my POV.

      बाघ की लानत (Tiger’s Curse in Hindi)

      Circus, a tiger,
      He’s a man, jungle trip, Cursed,
      Kishkindha, I left.

      बाघ की खोज (Tiger’s Quest, literally Search of Tiger)

      Oregon, he’s here,
      Love grows, prisoner, a Quest,
      He’s back home, but not.

      बाघ की यात्रा (Tiger’s Voyage, literally Tiger Tour)

      Five dragons, Voyage,
      Star, Kraken, hunt, trading, ice,
      The Black Pearl necklace.

      टाइगर की किस्मत (Tiger’s Destiny, literally Tiger’s Fate)

      Captured, now rescued,
      He’s gone, trip to past, success,
      Chose Ren, Destiny.

      Here is the one that explains how I feel about the series.

      टाइगर सागा (Tiger Saga)

      Promise, Curse, Quest,
      Voyage, Destiny, Dream.
      Which one is best,
      I cannot tell, it seems.

      I hope that it was okay to do this in poetry, because like Ren, I find it much easier to get my feelings out in poems. Thank you for such amazing books, Colleen! I’m extremely looking forward to Tiger’s Promise, the Egyptian books, and eventually Tiger’s Dream.

    35. Samantha Wallace says:

      I would step into any of her books as long as I would get to go on the adventures and see Kishan!! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!

    36. Mary Ann says:

      (I sent this 5 days ago, but it still wasn’t approved, and I thought it might have been missed. Sorry about sending this again!)

      I absolutely love all of the Tiger’s Series, it’s almost impossible to choose which one is best. Scratch that, it is impossible! They’re all so amazing! I’ve actually written a few poems about the books, mostly haikus, which I think will help me explain how much I like each one. The first 5 are written in Kelsey’s POV, and the last one is my POV.

      बाघ की लानत (Tiger’s Curse in Hindi)

      Circus, a tiger,
      He’s a man, jungle trip, Cursed,
      Kishkindha, I left.

      बाघ की खोज (Tiger’s Quest, literally Search of Tiger)

      Oregon, he’s here,
      Love grows, prisoner, a Quest,
      He’s back home, but not.

      बाघ की यात्रा (Tiger’s Voyage, literally Tiger Tour)

      Five dragons, Voyage,
      Star, Kraken, hunt, trading, ice,
      The Black Pearl necklace.

      टाइगर की किस्मत (Tiger’s Destiny, literally Tiger’s Fate)

      Captured, now rescued,
      He’s gone, trip to past, success,
      Chose Ren, Destiny.

      टाइगर की किस्मत भाग दो (Tiger’s Destiny Part Two, Literally Tiger’s Fate Part Two)

      The curse is broken,
      Four gifts, Five sacrifices,
      Ren’s my Destiny.

      Here is the one that explains how I feel about the series.

      टाइगर सागा (Tiger Saga)

      Promise, Curse, Quest,
      Voyage, Destiny, Dream.
      Which one is best,
      I cannot tell, it seems.

      I hope that it was okay to do this in poetry, because like Ren, I find it much easier to get my feelings out in poems. Thank you for such amazing books, Colleen! I’m extremely looking forward to Tiger’s Promise, the Egyptian books, and eventually Tiger’s Dream.

    37. Tammy says:

      Tiger’s Curse because it’s where it all began and where Kelsey met Ren for the first time. Bonus to get to see India for the first time.

    38. Dannielle Logan says:

      I want to start off saying how much I love All of the Tiger’s Curse books. If I could step into the world of any of the Tiger’s Curse Books, I would pick Tiger’s Voyage. This book is so fascinating and keep me on the edge of my seat the entire time, to actually be in the story along with Kelsey, Ren, Kishan, Mr. Kadam and Nilima would be to die for and the experience of a lifetime. To find out first hand what is going to happen next would be so awesome. Is Ren going to remember Kelsey? Her heartbreak knowing Ren forgot her on purpose!? Can she move on after her first love? The fact that Kishan is falling in love with her? Can she make a life with Kishan? And it seems that Ren is starting to fall in love with Kelsey all over again!!! Is Kishan going go get his “Happily Ever After”? How does Kelsey handle Ren moving on with another woman? Are they going to be able to finish the last 2 quests and break the curse? Who wouldn’t want to step into this book is what I want to know!! 🙂 But most of all, the main reason I would love to step into this book is because of Kishan’s heartfelt proclamation of love to Kelsey. I haven’t ever read or heard something so beautiful in my life to be apart of that is enough to make any woman swoon. (Kishan and Kelsey’s conversation during their date on the yacht)- “Maybe it’s what that idiot bird did to me in Shangri-la, butI’ve been able to see more clearly since then-not only about my past and about Yesubai, but also about you, about my future. I knew that I wouldn’t be alone forever. I saw that in the Grove of Dreams. And after that, I could see that you loved ME too. But I rushed it. I pushed you. Then HE came home and despite everything, you still wanted him. Maybe that won’t go away. Maybe you’ll always feel that connection with him.” I made a sound, and he touched a finger to my lips. “No. It’s okay. I understand it now. I wasn’t really ready to be in a relationship then. i didn’t have anything to give, anything to offer. Not to a woman of this time. But Shangri-la gave me something more valuable than six more hours a day as a man. It gave me hope. A reason to believe. So I waited. I learned how to be patient. I learned how to live in this century. And now…most importantly, I think I’ve finally learned what it means to love someone.” Kishan lifted a finger and trailed it from my forehead to my chin, tilting my face to look into his eyes. “So I suppose the only question remaining, Kelsey, is…are my feelings echoed in your heart? Do you feel even a small part of what I feel for you? Is there a piece of you that you can reserve for me? That I can name mine? That I can lay claim to and keep forever? I promise you that I will cherish it. And I will guard it jealously all of my days.” Kishan’s hands squeezed my waist, and he dropped his forehead to touch it to mine. “Does your heart beat for me at all, love?” I pressed my hands against his face as a tear slipped down my cheek. After only a tiny pause, I assured him, “Of course it does. I won’t let you be alone ever again. I love you too, Kishan.” -Colleen Houck is a genius. I just died and went to heaven!!! And that is why I would step into Tiger’s Voyage if I could. <3

    39. Lyndsie Harper says:

      If I could step into one of the books it would be Tiger’s Voyage because they all get to fight together for the first time. Also, because this books makes Ren look a little like a jerk( I don’t like Ren that much) and I would totally want to breathe underwater, see the stars, and fight of that shark. That would be the best!!! If I entered this world I would see if I could try to break the curse. I could go on forever but I feel like this is to long already. Thanks and Bye

    40. Ana Maura Guimarães says:

      I would have gone to the world of dragons, for there Kelsey can enjoy lovely adventures along with two Tigers and Dragons, not to mention it was a breathtaking adventure and I loved and love! Of all the Dragons I liked most of what was on the ice and then from there when they arrived at the pagoda I imagine that all splendor of images that reading the book made ​​me believe to see, all I wanted was to be there at that moment! Love Kelsey, Ren and Kishan <3

    41. Amy Myerd says:

      If I could step into any book I would probably step into Tiger’s Voyage because I the the dragons are so interesting. I would like to see more into the scenes between Kelsey, the tiger’s and the dragons. I wasn’t a big fan of the green dragon but i thought the rest were pretty interesting. The dragons also brought out the protective side of both Ren and Kishan which i loved! I also love the scene where Ren gets his memory back. That is one of my favorite scenes in all four books. I would loved to been a fly on the wall for that. I also love this book because of how close Kishan is with Kelsey. It made me really start to enjoy the idea of Kishan and Kelsey though I’m a big fan of Ren and Kelsey. Another reason I would like to step into this book is because it is the only quest that Mr. Kadam and Nilima are involved in. You get to see their defensive side in the battle with Lokesh’s crew. I would love to be able to help them in the fight also. There is probably many more reasons why I would like to step into Tiger Voyage. =) I’m a big fan of the Tiger Saga, it got me into reading again. So thank you Colleen! <3

    42. Nicole Burritt says:

      I would love to jump into Tiger’s Curse because all the places sound beautiful and awe-inspiring and you just meet the everyone for the first time in this book and even though everyone isnt together like in Voyage, they are together in a big event that Kelesy (or me since i would be jumping in) would be learning about and ita all amazing. Plus, I would go for all the romance even though its a little heartbreaking and quirky sometimes 😛

    43. Ashean says:

      If I could step into the world of Tiger’s Curse, my first immediate thought is the first one. There’s the tiger, the circus, the awe of India, meeting Durga and Mr. Kadam, even a little bit of Kishan. But as I think about it, I have my doubts. Because all of the books have their good points, and the first one is definitely my favorite, Tiger’s Destiny has the most unique world. There are worlds of the Phoenix and the Fire Lords(?), and Durga’s beginning. And last but not least Kelsey comes to her senses. 😀

    44. Allana Lopez says:

      These books are my absolute favorite, but I think I’ve reached out for Tiger’s Voyage on my bookshelf more times than I can count. I liked the whole underlayer of mystery that the book did a great job conveying when it came to the ocean and the creatures that live there. I loved being taken on a voyage in the middle of the ocean and got lost in the story so many times that when I had to wake up and focus on reality and life, i couldn’t….because i was still stuck on a yacht in the middle of the ocean prepared to dive in grey waters where a kraken guarded the blue sky disc and peril was all that awaitred me. I loved Lady Silkworm’s story and wrote about it in an english essay with a prompt that asked how love guides people and aids in the sacrifices made on behalf of a loved one. I also enjoyed all the poetry and quotes that Ren and Kelsey threw around at each other. I even read the Taming of the Shrew afterwards and highlighted all the quotes i recognized. In church, I used the quote Durga said about not having regrets and focusing on the journey and happiness other than what hidden fate the future has planned for you in a talk. I memorized it, and then everyone asked me about the quote and I gave them your books. Everyone read them and begged the library to purchase the others.
      Honestly, I can’t just say that I’d like to step into your books, because I’m already living in them, I already enjoy them so much and love them all so dearly that I can’t really imagine a day that goes by without me thinking of hair ribbons, poetry, black and white tigers, India, pearls, etc. So I would say that I’m happy to live in a fantasy world that’s practically reality to me. (Sorry about the long reply….I got excited)

    45. Maggie C says:

      I don’t think I can choose between Tiger’s Voyage and Tiger’s Destiny. I would love to step into Tiger’s Voyage because I’m Chinese and it’s cool to see the spin on our mythology. I find that book especially was filled with adventure.
      I would also like to step into Tiger’s Destiny because there were several parts where I just wanted to slap Kelsey because she wasn’t listening to her heart, I would’ve liked to talk some sense into her so she would realize (sooner) what was staring her in the face all along.
      Now that I think about it, I also would’ve liked to step into Tiger’s Quest because it was the book that really made me fall in love with Ren. He was just so ridiculously sweet. And now I might as well mention Tiger’s Curse, too because it was the one that really made me fall in love with your writing. I guess I would happy to step into any one of your books. 🙂

    46. Valda Robertson says:

      I was immediately captivated by the book cover and after reading the synopsis I was sold. If I had magical powers I would leap inside Tiger’s Curse. It has everthing that makes for great adventure: mystery, travel, original twist to prolonging “human” life, and LOVE. Ren and Kishan keep this adventure beautiful. I love the series.

    47. Veronica says:

      I personally would enter the world in Tigers Quest because of the peaceful world that Kishan and Kelsey enter. Most of the series occurs in wonderful places, they’re dangerous though.

    48. Shenna says:

      Honestly, I would step into Tiger’s Voyage. I love the stories and background information on all of the different dragons and their worlds. I also love this book because Ren gets his memory back!!

    49. Amber Flores says:

      I think this is a really cool giveaway and I would be blessed if I could get it. Tiger’s Voyage is my favorite book out of the Tiger Curse series.

      • Amber Flores says:

        If I could step into any of the tiger curse book it would be the first one. Its where Kelsey first meets Ren and Kishan and I felt like it was really moving. Even though I like Tiger’s Voyage more I don’t think I have the courage to have to do what Kelsey had to do.


      Eu escolheria o Retorno do Tigre, pois foi o livro que alavancou todos os personagens que apareceram no primeiro livro da saga e dos que viriam. Foi onde conhecemos o encantador Kishan, que dividiu o coração de Kelsey. Ao mesmo tempo que me encantava o novo personagem tambem tinha a emoção pelo retorno de Ren. Não dividiu apenas a protagonista, mas tambem sim o leitor. É o ponto de partida para um jogo de sedução, duvidas, muito amor e aventuras a três.

      I would choose the Return of the Tiger, it was the book that leveraged all the characters that appeared in the first book of the saga and to come. It was where we met the lovely Kishan, who shared the Kelsey heart. While fascinated me the new character also had the excitement for the return of Ren. Not only divided the protagonist, but also rather the reader. It is the starting point for a game of seduction, questions, lots of love and adventures of three.

    51. Colette says:

      I would step into Tiger’s Quest and experience the Grove of Dreams. That world with the various creatures, characters, and experiences was my favorite of the series. I like how Ms. Houck used this book to grow Kishan’s character. It was nice to see him move away from his initial withdrawn/bad-boy image to something more substantial.

    52. Fabiana Souza says:

      I would choose the Tiger’s Quest. The book begins and ends in sad ways (in my opinion) but the power that Kelsey develops to save Ren, the trip to the mountain ranges of the Himalayas (which is a place I would love to go one day) and Shangri-la’s descriptions made ​​me feel as I was really there. That makes me like this book more than others (be patient, I haven’t read the last book) and when Kelsey wasn’t go after Lokesh after the fight in the tribe and she feels cowardly to go after him, it made me feel that she isn’t a superhero like in some books, the author showed that Kelsey also has fears and weaknesses like all of us.

    53. Jessica @ a GREAT read says:

      Ooh tough one! I think perhaps the first book. Because it’s the first book really! That’s where the magic begins and I would love to start at the beginning!

    54. JoAnn Bodeen says:

      If I had to choose a book to dive into, I would pick Tiger’s Quest. I really love how this book spends so much time on Kelsey- developing her sense of self, figuring out what motivates her, deciding her likes and dislikes, and trying to figure out what world she belongs in. Even though Kelsey doesn’t come into her own until Tiger’s Destiny, I feel that this book is an epic journey into who Kelsey really is and where she belongs in life. I would love to be able to walk with her unseen as she grows in this part of the story!!!

    55. Eva says:

      If I could step into any of the Tiger’s Curse books, it would be Tiger’s Voyage. I would enter this book mostly because it has the most action(in my opinion) and the most crazy creatures. I would love to meet the dragons, mostly Yinbilong(sorry for my spelling). I would love to be a witness of seeing these majestic creatures, even if some of them are a little crazy 😉 I would also like to have the chance to help these great characters on one of their hardest trips.

    56. Katherine Beaulieu says:

      Tiger’s Quest because I would loooove to see Shangri-la. It sounds so magical and lovely and the first part of the world they visit seems quite lovely. I would love to sleep on a canopy of warm and comfortable vegetation:)

    57. Raistlyn Anderson says:

      If I could step into the world of Houck’s Tiger’s Curse series, I would Chose tigers Voyage because I would enjoy visiting the Different dragons. I would enjoy meeting Kishan and Ren. I think It would be cool to be in the First book though because if I was in the first book I could be in all of them. So I think I would enter the First one just to get a chance to be in all of them.

    58. Isabel Betancur says:

      If I could step into any of the Tiger Curse books, I would choose to be in Tiger’s Quest. The description of Shangri-la was so beautiful and I would love to meet the Sylvanne! The place was so magical, not to add that they went to the Himalayas, so cool!

    59. Dalal Mughamis says:

      The four books are all incredible, inspiring, magical, and full of love. I literally fell in love with them and can’t/won’t ever be able to top anything on them. All four of them had me captured in each unique world and immediately addicted. It’s hard choosing which one was best though..
      But I would have to admit, if I could step into any of the Tiger’s Curse books, it would definitely be Tiger’s Voyage. Yes, it would be perfect to be where it all started, but the amount of adventure, love, sacrifice, and fear-facing in the third most amazing book in the world was simply epic!
      In Tiger’s Curse, I felt as if Kelsey was just trying to be the kind person she is, helping out Ren and Mr. Kadam break the curse (right before she started to develop pretty intense feeling for Ren).
      Then in Tiger’s Quest, Kelsey kept her word and continued to help the men (when needed) and that’s where the love triangle forms..
      BUT, In Tiger’s Voyage, that’s where everything begins to combine creating a true epic fantasy romance novel!
      Tiger’s Voyage is where the reader is already attached, addicted, and literally in that world. Personally, it taught me many valuable lessons and opened my imagination to dream bigger. It was also the reason I began to write myself.
      So yeah, very inspirational and very professional.
      Plus you can’t deny it was real badass 😀 The deeper we got in the book, the more intense the battles. All the characters came together which made it that much more awesome!

    60. Emily says:

      I think I’d choose either Tiger’s Voyage. The sharks give me the creeps, but I’d love to go to Goa and then sail around the Indian Ocean for a while!

    61. Beatriz Silveira says:

      My choice was difficult because on a Saga is so beautiful and unlike anything I’ve read, it is impossible to hit the right answer except to follow your heart, because if I’m confronted with this question directly I would have stayed a lot time thinking in the exact answer. But if I could get a full of fantasy and adventure world I would prefer the last: “Tiger’s Destiny”, although I like a lot of others, not only to be able to look at the story in another way but also because I loved appreciate the struggle of the beginning of everything. Furthermore, in my opinion, I think that my choice was based more on the idea of knowing the why of it, because it is only known in this 5th book, despite feeling a little sorry for five sacrifices.

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